New Jeans, No. 1 on the ‘K-Pop Radar’ fandom chart. Oh My Girl and Itzy ‘TOP 10’

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NewJeans took first place on the weekly fandom chart of the K-pop chart show ‘K-POP RADAR,’ broadcast across the United States.

While the K-pop chart program’ K-pop Radar’ is the first regular American radio program in K-pop history and is drawing attention, the K-pop Radar Weekly Fandom Chart was announced on the 4th.

New Jeans’ ‘ASAP’ took the top spot in this week’s chart. The chart in the second week of July showed an overwhelming record with ‘Super Shy’ and returned to the whole two weeks after reaching the top. What was recaptured?

New Jeans’ “ASAP” music video recorded 4.71 million views during the 4th week of July on K-Pop Radar (July 21, 2023 – July 27, 2023). Spotify followers also increased by about 179,000, nearly 70 times the average K-pop artist of 2,600.

Also, according to K-Pop Radar, New Jeans’ Instagram followers increased by about 149,000 during the week, and Twitter followers increased by about 24,000. During the same period, K-pop artists’ Instagram followers increased by an average of 6,600, and Twitter followers increased by 536, confirming this is an overwhelming record.

Regarding this, K-Pop Radar said, “After taking first place with ‘Super Shy’ in the second week of July, we took back the top spot with ‘ASAP’ in two weeks.”.

OH, MY GIRL’s ‘Summer Comes’ ranked 4th in the Top 10 of the Weekly Fandom Chart announced by ‘K-Pop Radar’ this week, and ITZY’s pre-released song ‘Non. ‘None of My Business’ came in ninth.

On the other hand, K-Pop Radar is a music startup Space Oddity that introduced ‘Blip, a schedule reminder for K-Pop fans’, a fan platform that is getting a hot response from the K-Pop fandom. It is a service that is provided free of charge. Currently, it provides real-time music video views, YouTube subscribers, and Twitter and Instagram followers of about 800 teams in Korea in the form of a website. It has made headlines by releasing the ‘K-Pop World Map’ every year.

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