‘Makestar Chart’ appeared! Independent K-POP evaluation model ‘Trend reflection.’

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Makestar, a global entertainment platform, delivers the ‘K-POP trend’ efficiently, quickly, and accurately.

Makestar recently launched the AI/Big Data-based’ Makestar Chart’, attracting the attention of K-pop fans.

The ‘Makestar Chart’ is an index that comprehensively evaluates the size of the artist’s fandom and brand influence based on the music sources gathering the most issues in the market. It detects online problems related to sound sources in video channels, search engines, and social media and expresses it as an ‘action index’ out of 10,000 points.

In particular, the ‘Makestar Chart’ quickly reflects the latest trends by counting the mentions and activities of video channels, social media, and search engines, including YouTube. Moreover, it is meaningful that fans’ actual activities are expressed as numerical data through Makestar’s unique ‘K-POP status evaluation model.’

Makestar goes one step further and reflects the ‘Makestar Chart’ in the ‘demand forecasting model data’ that predicts the artist’s sales and target sales. Applying this to various projects within Makestar provides a more reasonable business model for artists and the participation of global fans.

Makestar has joined hands with over 250 entertainment companies leading the global K-pop market, such as CJ, Cube, Fantagio, RBW, and Woollim, including IZone, Mamamoo, Seventeen, ATEEZ, The Boyz, AB6IX, etc. He has been working on over 600 projects and has received a warm response from global fans.

Makestar has created various collaboration systems with K-POP artists, such as video call events, album/goods production funding, and fan meetings/concerts. The flexible project and colorful reward composition meet Makestar’s technology and analysis power to respond to the needs of fans (NEEDS), leading to high satisfaction.

Makestar’s steps are not expected to stop. To provide a more diverse and fun experience to K-pop fans worldwide, they plan to diversify global distribution methods using digital technology and open a new chapter in Hallyu content by introducing new digital goods.

Kim Jae-myeon, CEO of Makestar, said, “The ‘Makestar Chart’ is a special indicator that allows you to see the reactions of fans around the world who love K-pop and trendy issues at a glance. We will always do our best to provide better content and services.”

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