Espa, ‘K-Pop Radar’ Weekly Trending Chart 1st Soaring YouTube views and SNS followers

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The 4th generation representative girl group, aespa, topped the K-Pop Radar Weekly Trending Chart.

K-Pop Radar, which is attracting attention for being the first regular American radio program in K-pop history, released its weekly trending chart on the 21st.

Espa (Karina, Winter, Gisele, Ningning), who has recently released a new song, ‘Girls’ and is active on the chart, took first place.

Espa’s new song ‘Girls’ music video recorded a whopping 67.6 million views during the 2nd week of K-Pop Radar’s counting period (July 8, 2022 – July 14, 2022) on K-Pop Radar and added more than 48,000 followers on Spotify. Did.

During the same period, the average increase in Spotify followers of K-pop artists was confirmed to be about 2,300, showing the popularity of Espa.

The number of followers on Instagram increased by 71,000 and Twitter followers by about 46,000, showing surprising influence. During the same period, K-pop artists’ Instagram followers increased by about 9,400 and Twitter followers by about 1,700.

K-Pop Radar said, “It is a record of a girl group representing the times” and “an artist who is expected to grow in the future based on solid domestic and international popularity.”

In this week’s weekly trending chart, Seventeen’s ‘CHEERS’ and Chungha’s ‘Sparkling’ entered ninth place. BTS’ ‘Yet To Come,’ which was selected as the month’s artist, is still popular and is running in third place.

The K-Pop Radar Weekly Trending Chart is a chart exclusively for K-Pop that is created based on data from major global platforms in line with the current situation of K-Pop, where over 90% of it is consumed abroad.

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