Nmix, K-pop fandom app ‘Blip’ selected as a new artist

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New girl group NMIXX immediately after their debut, an app for the K-pop fandom.

On the 24th, ‘Duckmate in my hand, Blip’ said, “The music video for Nmix’s debut song ‘OO’ has surpassed 5 million views in about 16 hours after its release.” revealed the reason for his selection as an artist for ‘Blip.’

Nmix is ​​a rookie girl group that JYP Entertainment had released for the first time in three years and has been receiving attention since last year when they officially debuted at the beginning of this year.

According to K-Pop Radar, Nmix’s Initial Chodong sales recorded about 20,300 copies on the first day. The music video for their debut song ‘OO’ also broke 5 million views in about 16 hours and now exceeds 10 million views, the dignity of a prominent rookie. is showing

In this regard, K-Pop Radar said, “Nmix’s official Instagram account has surpassed 400,000, and its official Twitter account has surpassed 200,000 followers,” and said, “It is an unbelievable SNS indicator for a rookie.”

Fans of Nmix said, “This is a 4th generation girl group with both talent and looks”, “They are a monster rookie who debuted in the famous girl group JYP,” “I joined Nmix, but I want to know about Nmix’s schedule and information.” He actively left a request to open a blip for Nmix.

With this opening, fans of Nmix can see Nmix’s schedule, news, Twitter, and various data and survey results in one place. In addition, it is expected that more enjoyable and convenient fan activities of the Nmix fandom will be possible through topics and collections.

‘Blip’ is currently servicing a total of 62 K-pop artists, including Nmix, IU, NCT, Super Junior, Twice, and I’ve.

Meanwhile, ‘Blip’ is a mobile application launched by Space Audi, a music startup, to support fan activities more conveniently for fans around the world. After its official release in June of last year, it achieved remarkable results by ranking first in the Google Play Lifestyle category and selected it as the ‘App of the Day App Store.’ Recently, it has been well received for its differentiated content and high level of perfection. It has been selected as the first place in Google Play’s ‘2021 Window Program 3’ and has been discussed.

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