Obama, a culture of living together ‘USA, K-Pop craze + ‘Parasite’ won the Academy Award.’

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Former US President Barack Obama emphasized knowing the commonalities and traditions between cultures and live ‘together.
On tvN’s ‘Monthly Connect,’ which aired on the 6th, an interview with former US President Barack Obama was released.

In a video interview with Kim Ji-Yoon, Obama greeted in Korean. In November of last year, Obama’s memoir, ‘The Promised Land, boasting 700 pages despite only half of his tenure.

“The challenge was to find the right balance,” Obama said. “It was an unusual journey from a young politician to becoming president. On the other hand, I wanted to write about the historical background related to some policy decisions. So, if some details are missing, I will not be faithful to the ‘history’ I have witnessed.”

In his memoir, Obama said, “I wanted to let people know that the decisions made by the top executives are not so complicated or esoteric that people don’t understand. In many cases, sufficient information is not provided. I hope that young people will read the book and feel, ‘I can understand this. I can do this.'”

Obama entered the White House on a dramatic journey. First Lady Michelle Obama was responsible for raising her two children alone during the election. “I think it was difficult for both my family and me during my election,” Obama said.

Regarding the world and role that his daughters will inherit, Obama said, “Some issues, like climate change, need to be acted on now. Otherwise, it’s too late. Other than that, war, prejudice, nationalism, etc., aren’t going to be solved overnight. What I believe in is ‘the belief that the world is much smaller than in the past,” he said.

“In the world where our children grow up, we want all of us to feel our own cultures and traditions,” Obama said. “I want them to know that there are commonalities between all cultures and that we need to work together.”

He said, “The K-pop craze is hot even in the United States alone. People enjoy American music in Korea as well. The Korean movie ‘Parasite’ won the Academy Award. American films also have a lasting impact on Korean culture. I have witnessed the absorption of various cultural nutrients. Through this, I think the instinct to find the universal humanity of humankind will arise. It will cultivate the ability to understand the stories of various people in a new way.”

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