‘Global Charming Man’ BTS V ‘Permission to Dance’ Video TikTok ‘Hot Popularity.’

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BTS’s V is a lovely and lively vertical fancam and has a lot of love for Tiktok. Confessions of affection from overseas celebrities are also continuing.

After releasing BTS’ new single ‘Permission to Dance’ on the 9th, the stage video that was first released on the 9th was uploaded to ‘TikTok’ and received a warm response.

The ‘vertical direct cam,’ which was additionally released after the stage was first released, made you feel like watching in the first row of the concert hall. You can get a glimpse of V’s lively expressions and delicate movements on stage, called ‘stage craftsman’ and ‘stage genius.’ It was able to receive great love from the fans.

In particular, the vertical fancam, which contains V’s incomparable heavenly beauty, overwhelming physical, perfect performance, and sweet and unwavering singing ability, was enough to fascinate fans all over the world at once.

The vertical fancam of V’s ‘Permission to Dance’ posted on the mobile video sharing platform ‘TikTok’ has been loved with more than 6.9 million views among the videos of the ‘#PermissiontoDance’ hash. In addition, the number of ‘Likes,’ which can be given only once per account, surpassed 2 million, the most significant number of videos posted on that hashtag, proving its unrivaled popularity (as of 6 am on July 16th).

In addition, V’s vertical fancam is the most popular in the ‘Permission to Dance’ category of BTS’ official TikTok account.

‘TikTok’ has surpassed 3 billion downloads worldwide and is leading the topic so closely that it is chasing Facebook’s stronghold, so V’s performance is worth paying attention to.

Not only fans worldwide but also celebrities are drawing attention as they are looking towards the ‘global attractive man’ V.

Anne Curtis, who works as an actress, model, and MC in the Philippines and Australia, who has shown interest in V from the past, posted a purple heart in an article about V delivered by the overseas media ‘all k-pop’.

Nicole Sarmiento, artist manager for public relations and marketing of Red Ninja & Hyphen, also wrote, “Taehyung’s PTD dance makes me so happy,” “How hard is it not to fall in love with Taehyung in this video?” Together, he showed affection by posting a video of V in ‘Permission to Dance’ on his SNS.

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