Organizer’s AI business partner ‘Ali,’ K-pop fandom platform ‘KTOWN4U’ Resolves up to 60% of customer inquiries by themselves

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Up to 60% of global customer inquiries from HM International Co., Ltd. (CEO Song Hyo-min), which operates the K-pop fandom platform ‘K-Town 4 You (from now on ‘Ketapo’), by Organize Korea, an AI cognitive search solution company (CEO Chang-soo Lee) It announced on the 14th that it supported the improvement of agent work efficiency and customer experience by solving the problem. HM International can focus more on proactive response rather than post-processing problems by automating more than half of customer responses through Alli’s AI business partner ‘Alli.’

‘Ketapo,’ operated by HM International, is a K-pop fandom platform that exports albums and goods to 4.68 million K-pop members and 5,800 K-pop fan clubs in 200 countries around the world. In addition to providing services in six languages, including English, Chinese, and Japanese, it has its own logistics center, AI chatbot, and customer service system. Its annual sales exceeded 200 billion won last year. Ketapo sold 10.3 million K-pop albums the previous year, of which 88% were exported overseas, so K-pop fans actively use them overseas.

As customers from various countries use it, various customer inquiries are pouring in every day. In the past, customer communication channels were divided into e-mail, messenger, and phone, so there was a problem that the agent had to answer each track one by one. To solve this problem, Organizer suggested a way to upgrade the scattered customer communication channels by focusing on Ali. As a result, HM International is solving up to 60% of the inquiries of about 300,000 monthly average customers through Ali.

HM International handles most simple inquiries by linking product-related customer information with Ali so that customers can directly check the delivery date or delivery status of the product they have paid for. In addition, by sending a personalized URL to the customer, additional payments or split shipments can be easily handled, and the entire conversation is sent to the customer’s e-mail so that the customer can conveniently continue the conversation.

In addition, frequently asked questions and answers from customers are stored in Excel and pasted to Ali to create FAQs. Finally, artist names are made with a button so customers can quickly see the artist’s album or goods-related consultation process.

In this way, by handling inquiries that guide or confirm information and processes related to products purchased by customers through Ali, counselors have more time to focus on complex issues that require advanced answers. For example, it is possible to identify and prepare countermeasures in advance for problems that occur in stages, from payment to delivery and refund, or issues that arise depending on the circumstances of external partners.

HM International Vice President Lee Jong-gyun said, “AI-based chatbots are essential in a place that operates a customer service organization that receives tens of thousands of inquiries a day. We are using the time that Ali has earned from handling simple inquiries to look at the company-wide work process from the team level and improve problems. I’m working on making it,” he said.

“Global Research Gardner predicted that by 2026, 1 in 10 customer consultations will be automated,” said Changsoo Lee, CEO of Organizers. Ali is already automating 6 out of 10 customer consultations of KTOWN 4U and cutting the agent’s response time for simple talks in half. In addition, unlike existing chatbots, natural language understanding (NLU) AI can continuously improve chatbots’ accuracy by automatically finding accurate answers from various types of documents in the enterprise and giving simple feedback during use.”

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