BAE173 wraps up the Chuseok holidays with fans. Global fan meeting music live completed.

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BAE173 wraps up the Chuseok holidays with fans… Global fan meeting music live completed.

Group BAE173 happily finished the holiday with fans through a music live.

Group BAE173 appeared on ‘Eunbi Kwon’s Mubit Live’ on the global K-pop platform ‘Mubit.’

BAE173 opened the door to Mubit Live with ‘Baby Girl.’

Member J-Min said,” ‘Do Not Walk’ is a follow-up song to this activity.

Like the title song ‘Dash,’ to run towards a goal, you must first be able to walk.

It is the same song as our first step,” he said, explaining why the welcome music was chosen.

This album, ‘ODYSSEY: DaSH,’ was produced by member Dohyeon and gathered a lot of attention.

Dohyun said, “I think I tried to relieve the burden as much as possible.

I enjoyed working how I wanted to,” he said, drawing applause from everyone.

Next, members Youngseo and Light also showed their passion for trying to produce.

BAE173, passionate about ‘Dash,’ had a Q&A time to answer various questions, such as the member he would like to try the most if he did a behind-the-scenes unit related to the title song ‘DaSH.’

The scene did not stop laughing at each of their answers, which added a unique friendliness to their innocent honesty.

In particular, when BAE173’s final goal was to announce its aspiration to win the awards ceremony, the fans responded with great cheers.

BAE173, who had the opportunity to present the title song ‘DaSH’ through the ‘OPEN UP BINGO’ game, challenged the ‘173 Games’ one after another.

The winner was determined through three rounds of games, including the challenging fishing king, random timer dance, pedometer game, and balloon steel race.

After active participation, member Junseo was selected as the final winner, and he obtained the main fancam ticket and a set of money, which earned the members’ envy.

After meeting the fans face-to-face and ending the more meaningful broadcast, BAE173 said, “I was so happy to have such an enjoyable time.

Mubit Live, a global K-pop platform, is a monthly mini fan meeting live broadcast where K-pop fans and artists from 230 countries around the world meet and communicate in real-time, crossing the language barrier.

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