Park Min-hyeop, a Yeonsu-gu lawmaker, conducts a tour program of Arirang International Broadcasting Station for foreigners and students in the district.

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On October 17th, Rep. Park Min-hyeop (Songdo 2, 4, 5), who is serving as vice chairman of the independent city committee of Yeonsu-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City, toured Arirang International Broadcasting Station and Simply K-Pop for foreign exchange students, college students, and high school students in Yeonsu-gu. Conducted a hearing program.

This field trip to Arirang International Broadcasting Station was prepared to strengthen the global capabilities of international students, college students, and high school students in Songdo and Yeonsu-gu, as well as an opportunity for field experience learning at the broadcasting station.

Participating students, including foreigners in Yeonsu-gu, participated as viewers of ‘Simply K-Pop Con-Tour,’ Arirang International Broadcasting’s representative K-Pop program, through the field trip, and ‘Arirang News Studio’ where you can experience the announcer and the Engineer’s Room In addition, we had time to tour the facilities inside the broadcasting station, such as the ‘Arirang Radio Broadcasting Booth’ where you can experience DJ.

Also, as part of the program, a special lecture on the realization of global social values ​​(Global CSR) by Arirang International Broadcasting was held. Arirang International Broadcasting official, who gave the students a general introduction and guidance on the broadcasting station system, focused on the concept and role of international broadcasting media and the global value of Arirang TV through the lecture. In addition, he explained the composition and vision of Arirang International Broadcasting’s global platform.

Rep. Park, who hosted and conducted this field trip program, said, “I hope this field trip will be a useful time for students in Yeonsu-gu to learn firsthand that jobs in various fields are working together at a global broadcasting station.” Just as I feel and learn more in the field, I will do my best to provide more opportunities for experiential field learning where students in Yeonsu-gu can develop their dreams through experience.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Park Min-hyeop, who is interested in various youth and education projects in the district, is conducting a plan to promote global education in Songdo by conducting Arirang TV’s Global CSR and Simple K-Pop Archive project.

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