‘Simply K-Pop’ Ailee One, full of loveliness ‘Bloom my love.’

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The rookie girl group, ILY:1, showed the essence of loveliness.

Ailee One (Ara, Lyrica, Hana, Rona, Nayu, Elba) appeared on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop’, which was broadcast on the 18th, and performed their debut song ‘LOVE IN BLOOM’.

Ailee One, who appeared on the stage in a one-piece style that showed the charm of six people and six colours, took over her step at once with a choreography boasting innocence and a lovely knife group.

In particular, Ailee One surprised fans by gazing at the camera with cute and lovely facial expressions and eyes like a ‘fairy-dol’, shaking the global fan’s heart, and showed a performance without an error even in the visual that stimulates the protective instinct.

In addition, Ailee One, who showed off her strong vocals even in the choreography of the sword, drew viewers’ attention by making their eyes and ears strong and even sparking a bright first love with sweet lyrics.

Eileen One’s ‘Bloom Your Love’, which evoked love with a stage reminiscent of a single flower, is a song that perfectly harmonizes with the splendid synth riff sound and the dreamy melody on the energetic Moombahton beat. I drew a message that it blooms.

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