Pay attention to the space reconnaissance team ‘D’allant’ in the K-pop Hallyu craze expanding to indie.

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The new song ‘Butter’ by the group BTS

It has risen to the top of the US Billboard Singles Chart for five weeks in a row, raising the status of K-Pop, and the realm of Hallyu is expanding to include indie K-Pop. This seems to be a positive sign for expanding the K-pop Hallyu market, which is limited to idol dance.

Korean musicians’ licenses and export albums are distributed to Japan through the Japanese label “Ultra Vibe.” Global music streaming company called “Netflix of the music world” sees the potential for Korean indie-pop highly and domestic, indie music distributors. Indie K-pop movements are unusual here and there, such as holding a ‘Spotify for Artists master class with Poclanos.’

Meanwhile, starting with the regular album “COSMOS” in November last year, and releasing “SPACESHIP” and “ORBIT” this year, Dallas, which is attracting attention as a blue-chip of K-Indie Pop, has been released at home and abroad It is attracting attention from the music industry. Reporter Lucile of K-WORKD, a professional music magazine that delivers K-pop to the French culture based in France, is with D’allant and

By posting an exclusive interview, the potential for the European market was highly evaluated.

As if reflecting this, D’allant was selected as the final 15 people in Muse On 2021 (Muse On is a musician development project of the Korea Creative Content Agency), breaking through a competition ratio of 28:1, raising expectations. There are already well-known Na Sang-Hyun’s band, Nerd Connection, and Red Door among the selected musicians.

In this good current, D’allant (Talent) released the music video NEPTUNE (Neptune, MV COPHY Seong-Hyun Seo, and director Kim Min-chae) on July 2nd, and continued to promote their presence through domestic and foreign music sites such as YouTube, Melon, and Genie. is increasing to After the music video was released, Producer Jong-Jin Kim (CEO of Mnet Broadcasting Division and CEO of CJ Music) said, “I felt the familiarity and innocence like watching a music video from the 80s.” He paid attention to the commerciality of female vocalist DAYE. It is worth noting that the musicality of D’allant, which aims for retro music, appealed to the eyes of popular music experts who led the Korean wave in Korea.

It seems clear that the eyes of various media and music officials are focused on the future activities of D’allant, who is conducting an exploration report on the solar system in the form of a music album with a unique concept of a space reconnaissance team.

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