A large number of global participants participated in ‘Boys Fantasy’ after school thrill 2

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The teaser for MBC’s After School Thrill Season 2 ‘Boys Fantasy’ has been released.

In the recently released teaser video, boys of various nationalities show off themselves in front of the camera, saying in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese, “My dream is to meet many fans and enjoy the world.”

It has yet to be revealed whether the boys in the teaser are this season’s cast, but their outstanding physical appearance and looks draw attention.

After school excitement, season 2, ‘Boys Fantasy,’ is scheduled to air in 2023. Regardless of nationality, any 14-year-old male can apply. The period is from November 18, 2022, to December 16, 2022. More information can be found on the official support page.

‘Boys Fantasy’ is the second season of ‘After School Excitement,’ which was produced by the group Classy (Myung Hyung-Seo, Yoon Chae-won, Hong Hye-Joo, Kim Ri-won, Won Ji-min, Park Bo-eun, Kim Seon-yu), and is a global project for the birth of a talented K-pop boy group.

‘After School Excitement’ season 2 returns with an expanded global audition than season 1. Funky Studio, the production company, said, “About 1,000 trainees from Japan, China, Thailand, the United States, and Australia applied for the global trainee audition, held privately from last July.”

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