‘Psy’s first boy group’ TNX, selected as a new artist for K-pop schedule app ‘Blip’ immediately after the debut

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(Vision 21 News) As soon as TNX, a rookie boy group from P NATION, to which singers Psy and Jessie belong, was selected as a new artist for the ‘Schedule Reminder for K-Pop Fandom’ application ‘Blip.’

On the 18th, ‘Blip’ said, “As soon as the music video for ‘Get Out of TNX’s first mini-album ‘WAY UP’ was released, it surpassed 600,000 views.” “He explained why he was selected as TNX’s ‘Blip’ artist.

TNX was selected as P-Nation’s final debut group in last year’s SBS boy group project ‘LOUD: Loud’ (from now on ‘Loud’), and even before their debut, they received attention as a ‘group produced by Psy.’

K-Pop Radar said, “Both TNX’s official Instagram and Twitter have exceeded 140,000 followers, and the official YouTube subscribers are also approaching 250,000.”

Fans of TNX said, “This is a rookie boy group that combines both talent and looks,” “I have been watching with interest since ‘Loud,’ but now that I debuted, I want to do good things,” “To do good things, you need to know the schedule, but check the schedule on Blip. I think it would be good to do it.” He actively left a request to open TNX’s Blip.

With this opening, TNX fans will conveniently view TNX’s new schedule on TNX Blip and news such as Twitter, community, chart entry, various data, and survey results in one place. In addition, it is expected that TNX fans will be able to enjoy more enjoyable fandom activities through topics and collections.

In particular, to commemorate the opening of TNX’s Blip, Blip will release Blip’s original live content, ‘Bla Bla,’ on the afternoon of the 21st (Sat) through the Blip YouTube channel to more fully satisfy the needs of TNX fans. The release of the debut song stage with a unique concept emphasizing the ‘close-up shots of the face’ of TNX members will be released.

‘Blip’ currently serves 63 K-pop artists, including TNX, Black Pink, I’ve, NCT, and Seventeen.

Meanwhile, ‘Blip’ is a ‘Schedule Reminder for K-Pop Fandom’ application launched by Space Audi, a music startup, to support fan activities more conveniently for fans worldwide.

After its official release in June of last year, it achieved remarkable results, ranking first in the Google Play Lifestyle category, and was selected as the ‘App of the Day App Store.’ Recently, it has been well received for its differentiated content and high level of perfection. It has been selected first in Google Play’s ‘2021 Window Program 3’ and has been a topic of discussion.

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