Good People and Brave Girls support vulnerable children and youth through donation challenges.

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Good People, an international relief and development non-governmental organization (NGO), announced on the 14th that it had conducted a donation challenge program, ‘Idol Challenge: Another Class’ with the idol group Brave Girls, to help children and adolescents from disadvantaged groups in Korea.

Brave Girls conducted intact 100-second interviews and random karaoke missions to succeed in the donation challenge in ‘Idol Challenge: Another Class,’ which is aired on the YouTube channel ‘The K-POP.’

In particular, he signed the ‘Good People Pledge’ to help children and adolescents from disadvantaged groups in Korea who are having difficulties due to the prolonged Corona 19 and promoted participation in regular sponsorship.

‘Idol Challenge: Another Class’ is a kind donation challenge content co-planned by Good People and SBS Medianet. When a K-pop idol challenges a donation mission and succeeds, donations are collected in the name of the hero and the donor who participated. This is used to support the underprivileged.

Participation in the challenge can be done on the Good People website. Participants who regularly support the donation challenge will receive a donation certificate engraved with the names of Brave Girls and donors, limited-edition photo cards, and embroidered bracelets.

A special event will also be held to give away album CDs with Brave Girls’ autographs, T-shirts, and eco bags through the lottery.

‘Idol Challenge: Another Class’ started with the trailer released by The K-Pop on the 5th, and the first part aired on the 9th, and the second part will be aired on the 16th at 6 pm.

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