Russia’s ‘Novosibirsk City’ K-pop fever ‘hot.’

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[Chungcheong News Correspondent Kim Yong-woo] Daejeon Metropolitan City Integrated Support Center for Foreign Residents, affiliated with the Daejeon Municipal Service Center, held the ‘Daejeon-Novosibirsk K-Pop Dance Cultural Exchange’ event on the 23rd and 24th in Novosibirsk, Russia. Held Offline events with K-pop performances and K-pop dance education were held online.

It was planned in conjunction with the ‘2022 K-Pop Championship in Russia event, the first K-pop contest to be held in Novosibirsk, Russia. The event saved on the 23rd was jointly hosted by ICOM K-POP COMMUNITY, a Korean pop culture community representing Novosibirsk City, and the Novosibirsk City Tourism and Sister City Partnership Center, and was sponsored by the Foreign Resident Integration Support Center.

The event, which was held with a greeting video from Kim Yun-hee, director of the Center for Integrated Support for Foreign Residents, was heated up with a video of a congratulatory performance by Daejeon’s representative performance dance team ‘Unique Crew.’ A total of 71 performance teams and 500 spectators participated so that they could feel the popularity of K-Pop in Russia.

On the 24th, an online K-pop dance workshop was held at the Integrated Support Center for Foreign Residents. Forty K-pop lovers from Novosibirsk City participated in the online course consisting of intermediate and advanced sessions. It was a time to share professional knowledge and raise interest in Hallyu through dance training.

Panchenko Anna (Female, 20), who participated in the online course, said, “I got to know Korean culture through K-pop stars such as BTS, Twice, and Black Pink. It has risen,” he said.

Kim Yun-hee, director of the Center for Integrated Support for Foreign Residents, said, “Through this event, I was able to confirm once again the keen interest in Korean culture in Russia. Through exchanges, we plan to promote Korea and Daejeon to citizens of sister-friendly cities and strengthen cultural cooperation.”

Meanwhile, Daejeon City signed a sister city relationship with Novosibirsk, Russia, in 2001 and has been continuously exchanging in various fields such as △culture, △sports, △education, and △art.

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