Oh My Girl Hyojung’s Solid Brightness (K-POP Coin)

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(Export News Reporter Lee Jeong-beom) [K-POP Coin] is a series of articles covering the entire Korean pop music market, including idol, trot, and indie music.

I want to talk mainly about a more in-depth approach to the active stars called blue-chip stocks and the excellent parts of undervalued stocks that aren’t shining right now but are definitely worth paying attention to. [Editor’s Note]

Hyojeong Coin: A positive genius coin with a brightness that does not wear out

Oh, My Girl Hyojeong is the king of affirmations that can be the top class among all K-pop idols.

Even when she did ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ by Oh My Girl Banana, treated as a representative black historian among Oh My Girl’s past activities, Hyojeong was evaluated as “a girl who wants to do it,” herself admits this.

He is an idol who always smiles, is always excited, and shows a lot of satisfaction with his work whenever he performs on stage.

For this reason, Hyojung is called a cheerful idol and an idol with a beautiful smile.

This time, it’s about Hyojung’s ‘solid’ brightness.

Just looking at her smile, Hyo-Jeong looks like someone who hasn’t gone through any storms, but she’s not.

First of all, the team to which he belongs is that Oh My Girl is not a team without curves. The girl group that debuted in 2015 finally had a mega-hit song (Slightly Excited, Dolphin) in 2020. The modifier of ‘growth girl group’ includes the fact that they have grown steadily and well and that the growth process was not easy.

The representative period was after the ‘Coloring Book’ activities in 2017. The members of Oh My Girl confessed in an interview with a particular magazine that this was the crisis of disbandment.

Another part that shows Hyojung’s life as an idol (except for personal history) was not easy because she was ‘the leader of an idol group born in 1994’.

Line 94, a girl group of the same age as Hyojung, is called the golden line in K-pop history. They debuted when they were young and are often referred to as the ’94 maknae line’ because they are often the most immature.

KARA’s Jiyoung Kang, Suzy of Miss A, Naeun Son of Apink, Krystal of f(x), Hyeri of Girl’s Day, etc., are included in this line, so the expression ‘Golden Generation’ is not lacking. The strongest in this field is KARA’s Jiyoung Kang, a song released in 2008 by ‘ROCK YOU,’ which was released when he joined.

For K-POP fans who have been through the second-generation idol era, ‘of course,’ there is an image of the youngest in line 94, but a person born in 1994 debuted in 2015 as the eldest and leader. “‘Bubble Pop’ (pre-debut video), in which you can get marriage permission from your parents-in-law even if you dance at a meeting place,” is proof of how hard he honed himself for his debut and how positive he was even when his debut was unclear.

Anyone needs to get on track at a young age, even at a young age, but idols are especially so.

For idols, getting older by one year does not mean simply increasing the number. It implies the fact that the probability of debut can gradually decrease. Furthermore, it means that the chance that everything you have done so far will be in vain increases.

Such psychological pressure has the potential to eat away at a person’s positivity, and it is. Just as many job seekers are devoured by the difficulties of finding a job and the pressure of being rejected, idols can do the same.

He endured all those moments and achieved his dream of debuting in 2015, which is the last time he debuted in 1994.

If you look at Hyojung from the point of view of an ‘office worker’ rather than an ‘idol,’ her unique brightness is even more remarkable.

Idols are work and labor, after all, so it is impossible to live while only radiating positive energy. The public and fans want it to be, but in reality, it isn’t easy.

This is something that we can see right away when we look back at ourselves living in reality. Even if you get the job you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, there’s no guarantee that your life after that will always be enjoyable or happy. Instead, it is more likely to feel that the existence of a ‘dream,’ which was a fantasy land, is a cold reality.

Public servants became civil servants, job seekers who got a job at the desired company, self-employed people who started the business they wanted to do, etc. Even if you become someone everyone wants you to be, the guy called life doesn’t give you a route to a happy ending.

Instead, the business pressure, common welfare, and complicated relationships that were not known before the dream came to wear out people’s emotions and turn a rainbow-colored dream into a gray one.

Fans praise idols as gods, fairies, and angels, but they are also fighting reality.

Since it is a job with a lot in common with service workers such as call centers and community centers, there are countless instances of emotional exhaustion and weariness of the mind due to ‘what happens while dealing with people.’

As a result, it is often seen that bright idols at the beginning of their debut are not so. Hyojung shows the brightness and excitement as if she debuted yesterday, even though it has been about six years since her debut. This aspect can be seen very well in the song ‘Dundun Dance’ released this year.

A smile and brightness that will not be broken no matter what difficulties you have faced from before your debut until after your debut.

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