Idol Radio Season 2, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon & Jooheon, and Pwon Harmony burst into ‘Idol Radio.’

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P1Harmony is a promising K-pop star receiving attention from overseas media by breaking its Initial Chodong record with the third mini-album and decorating the main page the American magazine ‘Teen Vogue,’ will release ‘Idol Radio Season 2’. Found.

Member’ Jiwoong’ said that he practiced ‘Kukkkaka,’ the signature aegyo of DJ MONSTA X Jooheon while watching a video and showed off the ‘Kukukka’ of the ‘Jiwoong version’ aegyo. In the ‘Learn Choreography’ section, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and Jooheon performed P1Harmony’s powerful and intense title song ‘Do It Like This’ and the choreography of ‘Peacemaker,’ a b-side song featuring a lyrical urban dance. By digesting it, he proved that he was an all-rounder member of MONSTA X. P1Harmony (P1Harmony) ‘Jiwoong’ and ‘Soul’ also showed the skills and charms of K-pop expectations.

P1Harmony (P1Harmony), famous for its ‘Kemi Restaurant’ because of the affectionate relationship between the members, introduced each other’s mates through their TMI that only I know, and boasted the chemistry between the mates. Members’ Intake and ‘Theo,’ nicknamed ‘Hwangtegui,’ answered all the correct answers to each other’s TMI quiz and were selected as TMI’s strongest. In addition, the leader ‘Kiho’ fully revealed the chattering instinct and sense of entertainment that he had hidden, saying, ‘Today is very comfortable and enjoyable.’

On this day, the dance medley and rapper lines’ Jiwoong’ and ‘Jongseop,’ which could feel the ‘hip’ unique to P1Harmony, were performed live.

Ip Deokgak, which presented not only dazzling visuals but also outstanding charm and skills, as well as a great moment, will be replayed and highlighted on the NC Universe app on January 14th (Friday) at 12:00 noon. can be met with

Meanwhile, ‘Idol Radio Season 2’ is broadcast through MBC Radio and MBC FM4U. It is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 2 am on MBC Radio (Seoul and Gyeonggi region 95.9 MHz). Every Saturday and Sunday at midnight on MBC FM4U (Seoul and Gyeonggi region 91.9 MHz). NC) will be broadcast live exclusively through the Universe app.

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