‘I wanted to show myself rather than just dancing,’ Mexican K-Pop Winner

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The K-Pop Cover Dance Festival was held at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City at 2 pm (local time) on the 3rd.

The grand theater, which filled the audience seats, did not dissipate the heat throughout the festival with the enthusiastic cheers and shouts of fans.

K-pop music united Mexico as it became a place of communication for the participating teams and the audience. Park Young-doo, director of the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico, said, “It was tough to select the participating teams because the level of the participating teams was high. After the pandemic, it became a meaningful big festival where fans and the audience participated in K-Pop.”

A total of 16 teams participated in the finals after 310 units went through intense preliminary rounds.

The winning team this time was AFTER DANCE CREW, which left a strong impression on the group (G) I-DLE’s tomboy.

The winning team is a six-member female group comprising Britny, Camila, Grisel, Dulce, Sofia, and Fiona.

They are made up of friends in their early to mid-20s who love K-pop and have various jobs, such as students and lawyers.

“I can’t believe it, and thank you. I wanted to show myself, not just dance, and become one.”

There was a continuous procession around the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico to be together with the Kingdom through direct communication such as interviews, Post-it Q&A, and tasting Mexican sweets.

The ‘2022 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival’, which marks its 12th anniversary this year, is the world’s first and largest K-pop online/offline Hallyu fan communication program.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea Entertainment Producers Association, Korea Music Performers Association, Seoul Tourism Foundation, New Era, All K-Pop, and Pentacle were sponsored.

The winning teams from each country will be invited to the Seoul World Finals’ final finals and enjoy a hot exchange stage with multinational K-pop fans.

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