BTS Jin ‘Yours’ 22 weeks ‘Super Tuna’ 18 weeks. Billboard’s hot trending Korean solo song charts the first and only two songs at the same time.

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BTS Jin’s ‘Yours’ and ‘Super Tuna’ lit up their silvery solo power on the Billboard charts.

Jin’s ‘Yours’ and ‘Super Tuna’ was ranked in the TOP 10 of the ‘Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart-weekly’ released by the Billboard Chart on the 13th and proved their global popularity.

Jin’s first solo OST, ‘Yours’, took 5th place on the ‘Hot Trending Song Weekly Chart’ and showed off her unrivalled music power by recording charts for 22 consecutive weeks.

Jin’s ‘Yours’ is a beautiful song with soft, intense high notes, calm and appealing mid-bass, and the deep sadness of the chorus of ‘Ratatatta’ that resonates along with the song’s narrative and emotional lines.

‘Yours’ is a song by the top solo artist ‘JIN’ beyond the drama OST song, revealing a solid presence and realizing the power of a global brand.

Jin’s self-composed song ‘Super Tuna’ also ranked 6th on the ‘Billboard Hot Trending Song/Weekly Chart’, setting a chart record for 18 weeks.

‘Super Tuna’ and ‘Yours’ entered the chart simultaneously for 18 weeks in a row, setting the first, only, and longest record for a Korean solo artist.

The ‘Hot Trending Songs/Real-Time’ chart is a chart that records the real-time ranking of the most mentioned songs on Twitter for 24 hours or the last seven days. ‘Hot Trending Songs/weekly’, separate from Billboard’s real-time chart, announces the aggregate results as a weekly chart from Friday to the following Thursday.

Jin solidified his international career as the most vital solo artist by exuding opposite charms with the mournful and sweet ‘Yours’ and ‘Super Tuna’ full of plump freshness.

Recently, US economic magazine Forbes reported that Jin broke records with two successful hits, ‘Yours’ and ‘Super Tuna’, and said, “Jin achieved the milestone of being the ‘Most Successful Male Artist’ in his field, making history. We are making it,” he praised.

Allkpop, an American entertainment media outlet, said, “Jin’s ‘Yours’ is not only the most successful Korean OST in history, but with her flawless vocal skills and excellent beautiful voice, Jin has proven herself to be a great OST singer.” He praised his capabilities.

According to ‘NetBase Quid’, an American consumer market information platform, Jin was also selected as the world’s 4th most mentioned artist at the Grammy on the 4th. This is the world’s number one male solo record.

Jin’s dazzling performance is drawing more attention because it is a valuable result achieved together with his unique charm and outstanding ability as a solo artist ‘JIN’ without special promotions and the constant interest and passionate support of fans.

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