‘Simply K-pop’ BXB, new song ‘Planet’ English version ‘reaction explosion.’

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BXB is the English version of the title song of the first single, ‘Chapter Our Youth,’ in ‘SIMPLY K-POP,’ which was broadcast on the YouTube channel ARIRANG K-POP in today’s afternoon (18th). The new song ‘Planet (Planet, Twin Ver.)’ was performed.

On this day, BXB, who took the stage in a fashion that showed each member’s individuality, shook the fan’s hearts by completing a refreshing visual with delicate facial expressions and an excellent and clear smile.

BXB proved their ‘stage genius’ aspect by presenting a performance that stood out with elegant dance lines, brilliant chemistry, and excellent speed control.

In addition, the intuitive point choreography that sensibly expressed the words of the lyrics, such as ‘OK’ and ‘Shooting Star,’ enhanced the sense of immersion and provided excitement with BXB’s sweet sensibility.

BXB’s new album was released about seven months after the intro album ‘Intro: Flight and a new beginning’ was released in January and contained various emotions of youth.

The title song ‘Planet’ is a medium-tempo R&B genre song that expresses the excitement of falling in love like a shooting star in a boring daily life. Choreographer Park Yo-han, who produced the choreography for “You and I,” participated in the choreography.

In particular, BXB released the English version of ‘Planet (Twin Ver.)’ on the 9th, continuing its overwhelming global rise.

Meanwhile, BXB plans to meet fans through various stages and music broadcasts.

iMBC Yoo Jung-min | Photo courtesy of ARIRANG K-POP ‘SIMPLY K-POP’

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