K-pop issue of the year 5

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In 2022, we have summarized five issues of 2022 in the dolpan world that the virtuoso listened to.

  1. Platform migration, end of VApp service in 2022, and Wilderness Club
    VApp provided service until this year and announced the end. The service, launched by Naver in August 2015 and loved by fans as a real-time streaming service, was integrated with Weverse as Naver and Hive joined hands last year. As a result, it will not be possible to reprocess or repost content existing on VLIVE, except for artists who transfer to Reverse. In addition, SM Entertainment terminated the community service of Lysn on July 20 this year and moved its functions to a new application, KWANGYA CLUB.
  2. BTS suspension of group activities and the start of individual activities
    Controversy continued over BTS, which announced a temporary suspension of group activities after nine years of debut on June 15 this year. Their strong supporters, ARMY, poured in their support, but when looking at the market prices of Big Hit and Hive, whose stock prices were soaring, and their military enlistment, it was difficult to know the clear long-term stance of the members and the company on the cessation of their activities. However, just as a short break is needed to go further, the various moves the members are showing, from J-Hope to RM and Jungkook after stopping group activities, were a critical decision to fill their energy and look back on their lives. . They have done well, they are doing well, and they will do well. At the same time, Jin announced his enlistment in December. In 2023, their moves to grow further in their respective positions are expected.
  3. K-pop girl group heyday
    I’ve been on the rise since the beginning of the year with the song ELEVEN. From ‘Love Dive’ to the top, followed by ‘After like,’ this year has become a year that cannot be discussed without mentioning I’ve. In addition, receiving love calls from various brands, from Fred to Miu Miu, Jang Won-young became an icon that captivated the hearts of multiple generations, from teenagers to those in their 30s and 40s. Le Seraphim once had the issue of Garam Kim’s abuse, but he quickly responded and gained popularity from ‘FEARLESS’ to ‘ANTIFRAGILE,’ becoming more robust. Also, despite the issue of member withdrawal, (G)I-DLE came out with more vital teamwork and the concept of ‘TOMBOY,’ which was not in the history of girl groups. New jeans captivated all generations with powerful tracks that are sensational in their very existence and cannot escape once you hear them. Finally, Billy’s Tsuki imprinted his presence in public with just one thumbnail. Espa, Blackpink, and even Nmix. Wouldn’t this year be when the whole world went crazy for K-pop girl groups?
  4. Galaxy S23 Ultra, 200 million pixel model photo leak
    These days, there are many performances and concerts where you cannot enter with heavy equipment. Among idol fans, it is the Galaxy S series that is considered a model with good firepower. An image presumed to be a photograph of the Galaxy ‘S23 Ultra’, which is said to capture the moon’s surface clearly, has been leaked and is a hot topic among fans. With this new product with a whopping 200 million pixels, I can capture my favorite things very well, even on the 3rd and 4th floors of Jamsil Stadium.

I’m looking forward to the new product of the galaxy s23 ultra series that I can’t live with because I don’t have it.

  1. A welcome name, a complete comeback
    in February, BTOB reunited after being discharged from the military, Big Bang’s full album in April, Girls’ Generation in August, and Kara’s year-end G.O.D concert in November. This year, the welcome names in my memory that seemed to be fading little by little came back as a whole. Who was the word you liked the most?
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