Jina Kim, the makeup artist, sought out by K-pop stars and celebrities

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The master behind the makeup of beautiful celebrities

It is no longer surprising that the Korean Wave is shaking the world. And behind the dazzling looks of Hallyu celebrities and idols, makeup artists are working hard together. Makeup artist Jina Kim is one of them. Behind the scenes of popular K-pop stars and Korean dramas, she boasts ten years of experience.

Makeup artist Jina Kim studied makeup for 17 years. At first, he started with body painting, and his skills were recognized at various awards. In 2008, she received the Gold Prize for Body Painting at the East Asian Beauty Competition. In 2007, she received the Special Prize for Body Painting at the Korea Makeup Association Beauty Competition.

She is excellent not only for the Korean style bright makeup look but also for presenting an edgy and bold makeup look that can accommodate models with various skin tones. Having worked with foreign models several times like this, she is recognized as a great expert in presenting makeup that can reveal the individuality of each model.

Saying she enjoys sharing the happiness of beauty with others, she is appointed as the director of ‘Kemosi Korea Makeup School,’ proving her competence as a makeup artist and sharing her experience with more people. She also revealed that she believes she must “help more people enjoy and enjoy makeup.”

Makeup artist Jina Kim has worked with famous magazines Vogue, Marie Claire, and Bazaar (Asia Pacific edition). She has also worked with various luxury brands Armani, Bulgari, and Yves Saint Laurent. Jina Kim, a true professional makeup artist who can bring out the original personality and aura of celebrities and makeup models regardless of gender, is expected to move forward even more.

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