Successful completion of Ulsan Idol Training K-Pop Festival

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Ulsan City embarked on a voyage to make Ulsan a ‘ fun city ‘ by hosting a K – pop festival, a pre-model for the K – Pop Academy.

On the 9th, Ulsan City held the 1st K- Pop Festival exit ceremony at the Auditorium on the 2nd floor of the Chungwoon International Hall of Ulsan Science University.

This K- Pop Festival is a test bed program to set a kind of educational direction before the establishment of the K- Pop Military Academy, which is a representative pledge in the field of culture and art by the 8th civilian elected mayor, Doo-Hyeon Kim.

Thirty-two cadets and 23 media crews participated in the program, held for six days and five nights from the 4th.

The cadets, divided into vocal and dance teams, stayed together, received training from famous instructors, and performed busking at Taehwagang National Garden.

Except for four cadets from Incheon, students from the Ulsan area, including the University of Ulsan, formed a team and participated.

Meanwhile, Ulsan City provides one-stop support for △ the creation and production △ distribution and consumption △ diffusion and convergence of the ‘ basic conception ‘ of the K -pop military academy through ‘ Ulsan K- pop Academy ( tentative name ) establishment and operation basic plan establishment research service ‘ It has been suggested as a base for cultural enjoyment through the establishment of a system.

‘Ulsan K- Pop Academy ‘ is scheduled to be built and operated by the first half of 2026 with a total floor area of ​​3,400 ㎡ in the former Jungbu Fire Station site. Reporter Kang Tae-ah

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