The charm of the band anime ‘BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!!’ that does not sparkle at all. The challenge of a rich ‘human drama.’

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Anime “BanG Dream! In the first broadcast, episodes 1 to 3 were broadcast all at once, which is a hot topic, but the attention is increasing with each broadcast.

One of the reasons this work is attracting so much attention is that although it is based on an all-girl band, it is not “shiny” at all. Until now, the standard was to work hard in unity toward a goal, but in recent years, including this work, the trend is changing. I want to discover the appeal of “MyGO!!!!!” while comparing and spotlighting band anime from the 2000s onwards, especially girl band works.

“Kyoani “K-ON!” The format of the band animation was decided by “BanG Dream!” Currently, “BanG Dream! Series is the driving force behind the band anime scene. Still, we should not forget the realistic portrayal of musical instruments and performances pursued in BECK, with the anime “NANA” and “Macross 7” in the past. However, after the 2000s, the anime that became a turning point for band anime and significantly impacted later trends was Kyoto Animation’s K-ON! (2009-2010). “K-ON! You can’t talk about the genealogy of band animation without the existence of “. Many people would agree with this theory.

“K-ON!” is a musical piece that includes the sparkling and fun daily life of high school girls in the light music club, detailed performance scenes that fill in the gap between the image and the music, original songs with a quality that will have an impact on the music market and collaborations with musical instrument manufacturers. Even in the very “Gachi” making, many fans were born.

The 2nd season-opening song, “GO! GO! MANIAC,” became the first Oricon single to win the top spot in the history of an anime character. It is a work that has pioneered how band animation should be later, such as the opportunity to do it.

“Glittering everyday life,” “precise depiction of musical instruments/performances,” “original songs that have been created,” and “real music events” – the format of music animation in the 2010s is “K-ON! Developed based on these elements that were fused in ], many media mix projects have emerged.

They created a big boom from the late 2010s “BanG Dream! ] series also has a refreshing and dazzling appearance of the members of a unique girl band deepening their bonds and struggling towards their dreams and has created a style that is truly a classic band animation. In addition, it is a series that has expanded the possibilities of band animation by experimenting with using professional singers as voice actors for the characters.

In addition, the cooperative relationship with musical instrument manufacturers is also pushed to the fore, and the method of producing a “real feeling” continues to be refined. The performance that can appeal to genuine music lovers, such as releasing collaboration models with various manufacturers, is “BanG Dream! one of the evolved strategies.

In such an evolution, the series actively adopted CG technology and enhanced the sense of reality in the performance scene. Of course, the high technical capabilities of Sanjigen, which handles animation production, are the premise, and many fans must have been amazed by the realistic performance scenes that were expressed by making the most of the merits of motion capture. The “BanG Dream!

In addition, the cast not only played the characters as voice actors but also actively performed band live activities in “real life” and even played musical instruments themselves, which succeeded in gaining the attention of the fans. Although there have been live performances from other works in which idol groups have appeared, “BanG Dream! ] is the highlight of their continuous live performances.

“Bundle! “and the series named “BanG Dream! It’s not hard to imagine that the cast is always working hard in lessons in preparation for the live performance behind it, and it is precisely because the cast, staff, and management are working together that a dome-scale live performance has been realized a fusion of music and animation. The project is revolutionary.

“Self-awareness” and “complication” of teenagers … A challenge to the format presented by “MyGO!!!!! It is the previous “Bandori! “series. However, this work, “MyGO!!!!!,” develops a different story from such a positive Aoharu.

More than a few young people in any era have aggravated their self-consciousness, but Bandori! As project general producer Yuki Nemoto has clearly stated about this work, “I’m not thrilled,” all the characters in “MyGO!!!!!” are cramped and inconvenient. And it is characterized by the feeling of “depressed youth” by depicting overly delicate sensibilities, including the feeling of being tormented by the fact that it is not glittering. Both as a band animation and a series, it breaks through the conventional “beauty of style” and stands out.

Behind the birth of a work with a taste like “MyGO!!!!!”, “Komi-san has a communication disorder. And “Bocchi the Rock,” viewers have come to accept works featuring characters who have difficulty communicating with others, such as so-called shadow characters, communication disorders, and botchier, as the main characters. There is no doubt that the soil has grown.

Although they have in common that they incorporate modernity into their approaches to music and bands, Bocchi the Rock!” develops the story mainly in a live house, while “MyGO!!!!!” also focuses on the dissonance of human relationships that occur within a specific group, and from a deep perspective. And directions are different.

Until now, “Bandori! ] series also depicts the tension between the members as they clash, but it is premised on sharing the same thoughts and dreams as a band. However, “MyGO!!!!!” depicts a human pattern in which the thoughts and destinations of the band members are different from the bottom of their hearts.

The story, which is close to the real world and centered on the tight relationships behind the band’s scenes, is relatively fresh and exciting for a band animation.

The intense human drama is strangely sympathetic (There are spoilers for the story below)

From episodes 1 to 3, Tomori and Chihaya, who later formed the band MyGO!!!! The encounter between Anon, Soyo Nagasaki, Taki Shiina, and Akari’s past is depicted, but a glimpse of the unrest can already be seen from the beginning of the first episode.

The story begins with the dissolution of CRYCHIC, a five-member band consisting of Akari, Soyo, Tachiki, Mutsumi Wakaba, and Sakiko Togawa, active in junior high school. Shoko, who started the band, suddenly offers to quit and try to keep it alive. Don’t do it,” he counterattacks. With a scene full of tension right from the opening, the audience is presented with the direction of this work, and the atmosphere is filled with high humidity and unrest. Even if you look at this exchange at the beginning, “BanG Dream! It will be an impressive story with the most significant emotional clash in the series’ history.

From then on, the story focuses on the meeting between Akari, Soyo, and Riki from CRYCHIC, who disbanded, and Aine, who attends the same high school as Akari. In the first place, Aine and Soyo have entirely different motives for wanting to form a band. Instinct. Disparate aspirations mesh with a calculated alignment of interests, and the band takes off. Akari, who has not healed from the dissolution of CRYCHIC, asks Aine, who doesn’t know anything about it, to say, “Will you be in a band for the rest of your life?” Reality becomes the charm of the story itself.

 The story develops with a mysterious power that makes you feel empathy and understanding for some reason while intentionally deviating from the standard of glittering youth music anime. “In a world where it is easy to compare oneself with others on social media and the web, I thought that by depicting suffering and the vividness of humanity, I would be able to create a work with a high level of empathy.” (Bandri! Project General Producer Nemoto It can be said that part of the aim appears in the words of the production team, Mr.

Where will the lost characters end up?

From the 4th episode onwards, these girls are supposed to start a new story as a band, MyGO!!!!! MyGO!!!! ‘s contradictions grow, centering on Soyo, who clings to the past more than anyone else and uses the people around her, including Aine, to move toward the reunion of CRYCHIC.

Episode 7 is MyGO!!!!! It will be the long-awaited first live performance, but for CRYCHIC, Soyo’s emotions exploded as she performed “Haruhikage,” a crucial memory song. “Why did you do ‘Kasuga Kage’!?” Starting with Soyo, who can’t let go of her feelings for the past, the members are lost and don’t know where to go.

However, characters who change little by little will also appear, and we can expect developments that will make us think about their transformation and transformation in the future. Bushiroad BanG Dream! Ami Kusaka, who is in charge of animation production, responded following.

“I would like to focus on ‘human’s dirty heart that is not clean.’ It’s not just cute; it’s not just pretty. It will be a work where you can feel the characters are ‘alive.’ In particular, I’d be happy if you could pay attention to Soyo. I hope you’ll watch over the kind and calm Soyo, who is always kind and gentle, and how she will reveal her anger.”

“K-ON!” has continued to develop, and while inheriting the excellent genes of music animation and band animation, “MyGO !!!!!”. It can be said that he proposed a route that should be called a “new standard” for daily life and band animation that is “unique to Reiwa.” While enjoying the depiction of music towards the climax, it seems that you will be able to enjoy an even more prosperous and more dynamic human drama.

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