Ive SKZ, 4th generation idols enter ‘2022 K-pop world map’

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The K-Pop Radar of the music startup Space Oddity has released the ‘2022 K-Pop World Map’.

Space Oddity presented a new version of the ‘K-Pop World Map’ through the ‘2022 K-POP RADAR Conference’, a K-Pop specialized conference that was unveiled on the 23rd.

‘2022 K-Pop World Map’ is an updated version of the ‘2019 K-Pop World Map’, announced by K-Pop Radar for the first time based on data in 2019 and drew attention. It contains information about how the topographical map of K-pop has changed since then.

K-Pop Radar announced the main changes during the pandemic by counting the number of YouTube artist chart video views of 229 K-Pop artists for a year from August 2021.

First of all, K-Pop Radar revealed that the consumption of K-Pop increased explosively, increasing by 2.5 times during the pandemic. Moreover, during this year, more than 64.3 billion views were recorded on YouTube, and among them, the most famous artist was BTS (Bangtan Boys), which accounted for a whopping 18.7%.

Following this, Blackpink took 11.3%, Twice 5.8%, and Lisa 3.7% from 2nd to 4th, respectively, while Stray Kids, ITZY, Seventeen, Aespa, Psy, and IU were ranked in the top 10.

In this explosive increase, the K-pop-consuming countries that have risen rapidly are ‘Japan’ and ‘India.’ In the case of Japan, three years ago, it was ranked 6th in K-pop consumption, but in 2022, it quickly emerged as the second-largest K-pop consumption country.

BTS, TWICE, and BLACKPINK are popular with local fans in Japan. In addition, many 4th generation idols such as Stray Kids, ITZY, Aespa, ENHYPEN, Ive, Kepler, and Tomorrow by Together are gaining popularity. It has been proven that a new Korean wave is rising in Japan.

In particular, India was a K-pop wasteland that was not ranked in the past, but it has been recognized as a critical K-pop market in the past three years and has emerged as a new country in fourth place. In India, it was found that the number of views of K-pop-related videos on YouTube increased by more than 1,000% over the past three years.

Regarding the expansion of K-pop like this, K-pop Radar said, “It is thanks to the addition of ‘the success of the 4th generation idols who debuted during the pandemic’ to the market that BTS and Blackpink have established.” Leading by Espa, Enhyphen, and Ive, Treasure, Kepler, StayC, Enmix, Le Seraphim, Weekly, and Billy released online concerts and video content and achieved good results.

It is also interesting to note that the ‘concept of K-pop seen in Korea and the concept of K-pop seen globally’ is different. For example, Lisa, Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, TREASURE, etc., have proven to be very popular overseas but have yet to be ranked high in the domestic popularity ranking.

In addition, unlike BTS as the number one artist in K-pop consumption worldwide, it was revealed that IU consumes more than BTS in Korea.

K-pop radar said, “K-pop is now changing from artist-centered consumption to general consumption of K-pop itself.” Three years ago, only five teams accounted for half of K-pop’s popularity, but data has proven that there are now ten teams. It is analyzed that consumption is close to.

K-Pop Radar explained through the ‘2022 K-POP RADAR Conference’, “The dark pandemic period, which was long like a tunnel, became an important momentum for K-Pop, so we set ‘Momentum’ as the keyword for this year and chose it as the subtitle of this event.” did. In addition, Space Audit CEO Kim Hong-ki and music critic Cha Woo-jin will present more data, analysis, and insights in a 30-minute video through the ‘2022 K-POP RADAR Conference’ website and YouTube.

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