‘Take a look at the history of K-pop’ ’30th Anniversary Hanteo Music Awards 2022′ held

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Hanteo Chart is holding a special awards ceremony to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Today (23rd), Hanteo Global (CEO Kwak Young-ho), who operates Hanteo Chart, will hold the ’30th Anniversary Hanteo Music Awards 2022 (from now on ‘Hanteo Music Awards’)’ at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, Seoul on February 10 and 11, 2023. hosted,” he said.

The ‘Hanteo Music Awards is scheduled to be held every year as the first offline awards ceremony to be held primarily in celebration of Hanteo Chart’s 30th anniversary. It is based on Hanteo Chart’s objective and accurate data. Looking back on all the achievements of the K-pop industry, it is expected to create an awards ceremony that global K-pop fans can participate in and enjoy.

At the awards ceremony, K-pop stars who have grown along with Hanteo Chart’s history will participate. However, instead of simply watching the stage, there are various event booths where K-pop fans directly participate.

Hanteo Chart, Korea’s first music chart, has been with the history of the K-pop music industry. It is also the world’s only real-time music chart that aggregates K-pop big data, which is unique worldwide.

Ahead of the event, Hanteo Global CEO Kwak Young-ho said, “This awards ceremony will be a meaningful occasion to look back on the history of Hanteo Chart and the 30 years of K-Pop. Furthermore, we will make it a place where many global fans can enjoy together.” Meanwhile, detailed information about the awards ceremony will be released sequentially through the official website of the ‘Hanteo Music Awards.’

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