‘After School Club’ B presents ‘DAMAGE’ to global fans.

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Idol group JUST B revealed their presence as a next-generation K-pop runner.

JUST B (Lim Ji-min, Lee Gun-woo, Bae In, JM, Jeon Do-you, Kim Sang-woo) appeared on Arirang TV’s ‘After School Club .’ 27th, and actively communicated with domestic and foreign music fans.

JUST B directly introduced the recently released first mini-album ‘JUST BURN’ and the debut song ‘DAMAGE’ produced by Bang Yong-guk with a strong greeting.

Lim Ji-min said, “The choreography of the title song ‘DAMAGE’ is a storytelling format,” and Lee Kun-woo said, “Bang Yong-guk sunbaenim calmed our tension by saying ‘make it easy’ while recording.” He drew attention by directing the introduction of the hook.

The members’ charm radiating time continued. Bain sang a verse while introducing the b-side song ‘My Way, which he participated in composing, as “a song like that down” JM sang the Tadpole and the Frog nursery rhyme, and Jeon Do-yeom sang TVXQ’s ‘Spelt.’ Kim Sang-woo showed aegyo and unaccompanied Poppin at the request of fans. As a former soccer player, Jimin Lim showed admiration by demonstrating a free-kick.

Overseas fans also presented a lot of fan art, and cover videos for JUST B. Lim Ji-min said, “I wondered who would cover ‘DAMAGE,’ but after seeing the fans’ cover video, I’m grateful.”

Through the game corner, I was able to confirm JUST B’s sense of entertainment. In the ‘Musical Chair’ game, Lee Kun-woo took the final victory, and in the ‘Speed ​​Up Dance’ game, JUST B showed extraordinary dance skills and teamwork. During ‘Audition Song Relay,’ Lim Ji-min performed ‘Father,’ Lee Gun-woo’s ‘Okay,’ Bae-in was ‘For the Night,’ JM was ‘Stop,’ Jeon Do-yeom was ‘Confession,’ and Kim Sang-woo performed ‘Sometimes.’ demonstrated his skills.

Lastly, Kim Sang-woo said, “An hour passed quickly. I want to appear next time.” Jimin Lim also expressed his wish, “If I can meet the fans, I want to hold a concert all day.”

JUST B has recently been active in various music shows and various contents with ‘DAMAGE.’

‘DAMAGE’ is a song with the meaning of fighting together and overcoming the darkness and pain in a world where light is disappearing.

JUST B is expected to radiate colorful charms through M2’s new reality program ‘JUST B’s Night Escape,’ which will be first released on the 28th.

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