BAE173, the jacket is also attractive. Intense black ‘JAWS’ VS elegant pure white ‘JAWS.’

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BAE173 (Biei One Seven Three) radiated the eight-colour ‘JAWS’ charm.

BAE173 (Jain, Han-Hyeol, Yujun, Mujin, Junseo, Youngseo, Doha, Light, Dohyeon) released the jacket of the 3rd mini album’ INTERSECTION: BLAZE’ containing the title song ‘JAWS’ on the official SNS on the 1st. A behind-the-scenes video was released.

BAE173 took off the refreshing image shown in the previous work and came back with a powerful, charismatic concept. In the behind-the-scenes video of the jacket shoot, he showed off the charm of BAE173, which has changed.

The BAE173 members showed off their charms with various stylings, such as decisive black leather fashion and elegant white shirt look. During the break, he showed a lively appearance, leading to a warm atmosphere on the set.

BAE173 said, “Today, we tried new concepts such as makeup, hair, and clothes. It was enjoyable. (Looking at the changed members) It was fun to watch, and I had fun doing it myself. I feel like I have grown a lot,” he said.

The global fans did not forget either. The youngest member, Dohyun, said in English, “I am very grateful to those who have supported and waited for us, and please look forward to the content that will come out in the future.”

BAE173’s new song ‘JAWS’ is a song containing the powerful message BAE173 throws to the world, awakening the sleeping wildness and revealing the hidden charismatic instinct.

The members receive a lot of support from global K-pop fans with their powerful performances that evoke the intense ‘JAWS’.

BAE173 sings the title song ‘JAWS’ on KBS2′ Music Bank’ on the 1st. He is also scheduled to appear on SBS’ Inkigayo’ on the 3rd.

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