The energy source of K-pop, the evolution of dance/Jang In-Ju, dance critic

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Kazuha, a member of ‘Le Seraphim,’ is a hot topic among girl group lovers. Born in Japan, she is the most popular of her quintet members, with her photo shoot for a women’s magazine just two months after her debut last year. Kazuha, who is not even her main vocalist, is popular because of her ballet moves between songs.

The lyrics from her song ‘ANTIFRAGILE (antifragile)’ “Don’t forget. The toeshoes I left behind. The video of her raising one leg high into the sky in line with “What more do you need to say?” Kazuha is a significant student who has trained in ballet for 15 years since she was three years old. She is a talented person who even studied in the Netherlands, and her popularity is rapidly rising due to her height of 170 cm and her beautiful looks.

If you look up, there are quite a few celebrities in her ballet major. Park So-Hyun, a broadcaster who quit ballet due to an injury and changed her career to the entertainment industry, is a typical example. She has a reputation for maintaining a ballerina life pattern with daily stretching and small meals to the extent that it is hard to believe that she is in her 50s. Among the actors is Do Ji-won from the National Ballet, who gained tremendous popularity in the 2001 hit drama ‘Women’s World,’ and Wang Ji-won, who is also from the National Ballet and is a long-time junior.

In the music industry, you can think of Stephanie. She debuted in 2009 with the group ‘Cheonsang Ji-hee’ and joined the Los Angeles Ballet in the US two years later. In the middle, he took a break from ballet due to a back injury, but in 2019, he proved that he was active by playing a leading role in the ballet ‘A Midsummer Night’s Nutcracker’ by collaborating with famous dancers such as Yun Jeon-il and Han Seon-Cheon. Recently, they showed admiration by showing a ‘ballet performance’ on a music program.

Many idols learned ballet as a hobby, but Stephanie was the only one who melted ballet moves into K-pop with the best ballet skills. So after a long time, Kazuha, who appeared in the 4th generation idol, stands out even more. Moreover, it’s not just about ‘showing ballet skills.’ The movement fits perfectly with the song’s words, drawing more attention.

The secret of K-pop’s success lies in capturing the trendy sense of the MZ generation through the combination of genres. Of course, there are many factors as a source of energy, but above all, dance is the key.

In the past, there was a dance troupe belonging to a broadcasting company, and the singer sang, and the dance troupe danced behind the scenes. Then, after the 2000s, each singer formed a professional choreography team and had backup dancers, and there were many cases where they debuted as professional entertainers while working as backup dancers.

Even now, dance continues to play an auxiliary role in singing. However, its share as an energy source is increasing. Choreographer Kim Bo-ram of Ambiguous Dance Company, who collaborated with Coldplay following Inalchi, makes it a rule that dance and music collaborate, not dance to music. Did that persistence work? He has mastered the advertising industry, which is the most difficult to approach in the entertainment industry. Dance is also evolving.

The dance rebellion is also expected to grow stronger in the new year. Because so many people are enthusiastic about Kazuha’s ballet moves, it is clear that ‘K-dance’ stands tall, not ‘dancing in K-pop.’ It is expected that ‘K-dance’ and ‘K-pop’ will synergize and become a new year that captivates people worldwide.

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