SKT to hold ‘Metaverse K-Pop Concert’ more realistic than real

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SK Telecom announced on the 27th that it would hold a hyper-realistic virtual concert, ‘Metaverse Music Festival’ on the metaverse platform ‘ifland.’

‘Metaverse Music Festival’ is a live-action virtual concert with SKT’s volumetric technology applied. In some cases, famous foreign singers have held concerts in virtual space using game engines and computer graphics, but this is the first time a show using volumetric technology has been saved.

SKT created a three-dimensional image based on live-action footage by shooting 360-degree pictures of people with over 100 cameras. Audiences participating in the festival can move and enjoy 360 degrees at the metaverse concert hall in the shape of a sphere and freely float in the air on a flying skyboard.

SKT said, “By combining ultra-high-definition volumetric content with the Metaverse platform, we are presenting an innovative performance model to the performance industry. I plan to do it,” he said.

The ‘Metaverse Music Festival’ will be held at the ‘Volumetric Concert Hall’ within the Metaverse platform EFriend from 8 pm every day for a week from this day to the 3rd of the following month. Ifland’s ‘Metaverse Music Festival’ can be enjoyed by anyone for free.

A total of 8 K-pop artists, including Jaejae, Younha, Jamie, Suran, Minsu, Yirui, Yoon Jiyoung, and Yura, and the avatar girl group ‘ePresendi’ formed by ifland users will participate in this concert. Various events are held, such as the opening stage of artists, live performances of avatars by indie singers, and avatar fan meetings.

SKT said, “We are also preparing volumetric concerts by other musicians such as Yoon Do-Hyun and 10CM in August, and we will continue to show various contents to friends using volumetric technology in the future.”

Yang Maeng-Seok, head of SKT’s Metaverse CO, said, “We hope that the ‘Metaverse Music Festival’ using volumetric technology will allow customers to have a new experience of enjoying ultra-realistic content. will be provided,” he said.

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