The secret to Baby Shark’s popularity is thanks to its musical fun, like K-Pop.

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Byung-Hun Jin Baby Shark, a nursery rhyme content, is recording more than 10 billion views on YouTube worldwide.

Lee Seung-Gyu, vice president of The Pink Pong Company, which produced Baby Shark, said in a phone interview with CBS’ Kim Hyun- Jung’s News Show’ on the 19th, “The secret of popularity is that it breaks away from the conventional monotonous nursery rhymes and gives more musical fun like K-Pop.”.

The Pinkfong Company was able to interpret it cutely because we had not been aware of sharks, called predators of the sea.

Vice President Lee explained, “The material is a shark, but seeing through children’s eyes will be seen as a family in which parents and children exist.” “It will be fun for children.”

“Children like to play, so we tried directing a boy and a girl dancing to the song in the background of the animation,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, The Pink Pong Company has been selected as one of the ‘World’s 100 Most Influential Companies’ by TIME, a US weekly news magazine.

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