‘SIMPLY K-POP CONTOUR’ Brazilian singer ‘Francine’ surprise appearance

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At 7 pm on the 14th, on Arirang TV’s YouTube, Facebook, and Naver V live broadcasts, Brazilian singer ‘Francine’ appeared as a surprise guest on ‘Simply K-Pop Contour’ and performed on a particular stage for fans around the world. Will be presented

Francine, who made her debut with the single ‘I’m Alive’ in 2015, is a talented singer who not only entered the top spot on Billboard’s Brazilian pop chart in 2017 but also performed on a celebratory stage at the ‘BreakTudo Awards,’ a famous Brazilian awards ceremony.

Francine is famous for her love for Korean culture as well as K-pop. She sang ‘Dream of a Goose’ in Korean with the contestants at the 2020 Miss Korea Brazil contest, and last year, she appeared on a Korean entertainment program and in the drama ‘Itaewon Class.’ He confessed that he was a fan of ‘Small’ and showed off his love for Korean dramas.

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