The sensation that transcends age, Lim Young-woong ‘A story of an elderly couple in their 60s’

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It is a series created to think more deeply about the legendary stages of various singers. We want to seriously discuss which parts are significant and which parts are evaluated as ‘legend stage’ because they impress fans and the public. [Editor’s Note]
(Export News Reporter Lee Jeong-beom) The first protagonist of [K-Pop Masterpiece Theater] is ‘The Story of an Old Couple in their 60s’, the representative legend of ‘Mr. Trot’ Jin Lim Young-woong.

‘Mr. Trot’ is an extravagant show that needs no explanation. And Lim Young-woong is the winner. In particular, it is receiving unlimited support from the public, such as “I liked the old couple during Lim Young-Woong’s stage.”

In this [K-Pop Masterpiece Theater], we would like to analyze in our way, “Then, why did ‘The Story of an Old Couple in Their 60s’ received good reviews?”

The most surprising part is that he was born in 1991 when looking at the stage of ‘The Old Couple,’ a sentiment that transcends age. He performed this stage at the age of just passing from his 20s to his 30s. Even if the narrator of ‘The Old Couple’ is 60 years old, Lim Young-Woong’s age is only half that.

Of course, the original songwriter, Kim Gwang-Seok, also digested this song at a young age. Of course, this is also the reason why Kim Kwang-Seok is called a ‘legend.’ This is an arduous task in the first place.

Choosing an ‘old couple’ in a survival game enjoyed by middle-aged people is a reasonable choice, but it is also risky. This is because many of the people who watch the singer’s stage are the real protagonists of this ‘old couple.’ Since you are singing the audience’s lives, it can lead to erroneous results if you don’t do it right.

It may be unprofessional in some ways, but it is also a very demanding audience in terms of being a ‘listener’ of a famous song. Even if it is a song that makes you think by substituting your own life, you have no choice but to examine whether it is “consistent with my feelings,” either consciously or subconsciously.

Nevertheless, the fact that this stage became Lim Young-Woong’s representative legendary stage means that it drew the sympathy of the middle-aged listeners.

Another thing to consider here is the change in the ‘social age’ over the years. The social age of the late Kim Gwang-Seok, the original songwriter, when he sang ‘Old Couple’ and ‘Around Thirty’ is quite different from that of people in their 30s.

It’s the same with the singer in his 60s. In this day and age, calling a couple in their 60s an ‘old couple’ would receive a formidable objection.

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