The tension between both eyes is at its peak K-Pop Idols Shouting ‘One China.’

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Tensions between the two sides (China and Taiwan) reached a peak when US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the third supreme power in the U.S., stepped on Taiwan on the 2nd despite opposition from China, some K-pop group Chinese members posted on social media, “One Posting a post supporting “China” is attracting attention from domestic K-pop fans.

On the 3rd, Winwin, an NCT and WayV, shared a Chinese CCTV Central TV News post with the hashtag ‘#China is the only one on ‘Weibo,’ which is the Chinese version of Twitter.

The post had the words ‘China’ written in prominent Chinese characters, and a tiny island of Taiwan appeared above it. On a red background, the five stars of the Chinese five-star red flag are drawn hugely.

Wang Yi-ren, a member of the group Airglow, also shared the same post on Weibo and hashtagged ‘#China is the only one.

In March of last year, when China’s crackdown on the Xinjiang Uyghurs was raised, Wang Yi-ren posted on Weibo, “Supporting Xinjiang cotton.”

In Taiwan, Weibo and the Chinese portal site were temporarily suspended.

According to the Taiwanese technology media ITZZA, the day before, access to and Weibo, operated by the company, was blocked in Taiwan from the previous day. said, “Following the company’s operating strategy, we have stopped operating the Taiwanese market, and since August 1, we have suspended the operation of the Taiwanese site.”

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