The wave of hanbok goes beyond New York and into the world.

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K-pop singers’ Brave Girls’ and ‘Dark Bee’ and virtual human ‘Rosie’ add strength to the wave of Hanbok advancing into the world. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee, hereafter referred to as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), together with the Korea Crafts and Design Culture Promotion Agency (Director Kim Tae-hoon, hereafter referred to as Gong Jin-won), is on An advertisement video for the hanbok digital fashion show was released on the billboard.

This time, the video is a short edited video of the ‘Hanbok Digital Fashion Show’ with ‘Brave Girls’ and ‘Dark Bee.’ can see. In addition, a pictorial in which the virtual character ‘Rosie’ appeared in a digital fashion show wearing a hanbok will be released online on November 30 (Tuesday).

The wave of Hanbok catches the eyes of the world.

The hanbok digital fashion show ‘Hanbok Wave – The wave of hanbok is coming’ results from the ‘Korean Wave collaboration content planning and development project. The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism collaborates with Hallyu cultural artists to support the hanbok industry overseas pioneer markets.

This year, as Hallyu cultural artists, ‘Brave Girls’ and ‘Dark Bee’ participated in the project, Kim Hye-soon Hanbok, Komak by Dolsilnai, Danha Judan, Liv Damyeon, Lisle, Morinori, Creation space blank ( Girone), CGEN E, Chai Kim, Hyemi by Lee Hyemi, and ten other hanbok companies participated. They started planning and developing hanbok products in August and developed a total of 70 pieces. The hanbok product developed this time reflects the unique style and beauty of Hanbok and the individuality and charm of each member of ‘Brave Girls’ and ‘Dark B,’ who directly participated in planning and development.

Park Seon-ok, CEO of Generating Space Space (Giroe), who participated in the project, said, “I made the costumes so that they can be worn comfortably in everyday life by fully utilizing the characteristics of the colors, lines, and materials of Hanbok, and to give a strong visual effect on stage. “This digital fashion show will be an opportunity to show the new charm of ‘wearable’ Hanbok to overseas Hallyu fans who have mostly been exposed to the displayed Hanbok.”

Virtual human ‘Rosie’ joins the promotion of Hanbok.

Rosie, a virtual human with high recognition, also promotes the appeal of Hanbok and supports overseas market entry. ‘Rosie’ took a pictorial wearing the representative clothes of a hanbok company that participated in this project. Ten pictorials can be found on the Nuri communication network (

“We are thrilled to be able to introduce the charm of hanbok to New York, the center of fashion,” said Lee Jin-Sik, director of cultural policy at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Interest is growing, and now we will work harder so that our clothes, Hanbok, can become the leading role of the new Hallyu along with Hallyu culture and artists.”

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