A Disney prince more than a Disney prince. BTS Jin, a perfect visual that even a Disney character cannot create

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‘Disney Prince,’ a character resembling the heavenly beauty of BTS (BTS) Jin, appeared and made fans flutter.

American entertainment media allkpop recently highlighted Jin’s unrivaled presence with the title, ‘Fans like the Disney version of BTS Jin.’

All-K-pop introduced a new trend that is taking over social media.

TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram users are crazy about new and fun algorithms that transform their faces into original Disney characters.

Millions of idol fans have also made AI versions of their favorite idols, and among them, the Disney version of Jin is dominating the new trend.

The media said that what shocked many people who were fascinated by AI Jin was that Jin’s face was not so different from the one converted by Disney’s algorithm; instead, that Jin’s natural face looks much more handsome, and a perfect Disney character that can’t even be created. Praised the visual.

This also raised the expectation that Disney should create characters based on Jean’s face.

He also mentioned unreal beauty, lovely personality, manners, and elegance, adding that he was called a prince in a real-life fairy tale.

Jin took first place in the visual of the prince in a fairy tale hosted by KBS WORLD WeK-Pop, showing the side of a ‘male god of beauty.

He soon emphasized that another characteristic that made Jin the perfect model for a Disney character was his acting talent and great skill.

The media said, “Jin is the only member with an acting degree. Take a look at his dubbing scene in ‘Zootopia.’ Moreover, Jin can participate in dubbing in musical cartoons as well.” Referring to the video dubbing, he acknowledged Jin’s outstanding talent.

Finally, the media said that when asked, ‘What makes Jin look as good as a 3D character?’, Jin’s doll-like perfect features and beauty play a significant role.

Fans say, ‘I like the Disney characters, but the real Jin is much cooler,’ ‘The real Jin looks more like a cartoon, ‘Seokjin is so pretty, like a prince,’ ‘I want a Disney doll modeled after Jin,’ ‘Seokjin looks like a real prince,’ ”Even though Seokjin is a Disney character,’ ‘Jin is just a Disney prince,’ ‘I wish Jin would make a prince with that model,’ ‘Jin-ah, how can I draw you to win the real thing,’ ‘Jin’ Silver is the real thing or the material of an anime or a prince, so he’s handsome.”

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