‘Verivery’ responds in Europe, Asia, and the Americas

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Group Verivery confirmed the response in the global market.

Immediately after releasing their new digital single ‘VERIVERY SERIES O [ROUND 0 : WHO]’ on the 23rd, Verivery achieved remarkable results on major global charts. It topped the iTunes charts of all genres, pop charts and K-pop charts in two countries, Malaysia and Mongolia, at the same time.

In addition, it entered the Top 10 iTunes K-Pop charts in 13 countries, including Russia, France, Australia, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Canada, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands, gaining popularity across Europe, America, and Asia. Showed off Not only that, it ranked in the top 10 on all genres and pop charts on iTunes in Thailand.

Verivery returned from a successful US tour last year and showed a more mature image. As the worldview has been expanded through this album, global fans have been responding enthusiastically.

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