Verivery topped the US iTunes chart at the same time as their comeback.

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The group VERIVERY received an explosive response worldwide at the same time as their comeback.

Delivery has recorded remarkable growth in major charts after releasing their sixth mini-album ‘SERIES ‘O’ ROUND 2: HOLE’ on the 23rd.

Delivery’s new album, ‘Series ‘O’ Round 2: Hall’, took the top spot on the US iTunes album chart. The title song ‘TRIGGER’ also topped the US iTunes K-Pop Song Chart, showing Verivery’s global influence.

In addition, ‘Trigger’ is writing excellent results, such as taking 2nd place in the iTunes pop part and 3rd place in all genres.

In particular, VERIVERY recorded the TOP10 album charts in 8 countries, including Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands, following the US with ‘Series ‘O’ Round 2: Hall’, and swept overseas charts. He is revealing his presence as a ‘next-generation K-pop star.’

The new title song ‘Trigger,’ which contains VERIVERY’s ‘Growth Without Limits,’ has a unique and addictive intro signature sound.

Meanwhile, Verivery, who announced a successful comeback under the global spotlight, plans to present a stage for the new song ‘Trigger’ on music shows in the future and plans to communicate with fans through various channels.

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