Global On-Tact K-Pop Festival ‘New Beginning with K-Pop Superfest’ held

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The global contact performance ‘2021 New Beginnings with K-Pop Superfest’, in which K-pop stars participate, will be held on the US broadcasting platform LiveXLIve for two days from the 28th to the 29th.

This performance is hosted by Bison Contents and the North American festival Joy Ruckus Club, sponsored by the Korea Creative Content Agency and the Korea Record Industry Association. It will be held at Camp 1, a studio specializing in virtual production. Considering the COVID-19 situation, the concert will be held while observing quarantine rules. The performance will be sent to 160 countries worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, China, and Japan. The highlight performance will be aired on SBS TV on the 2nd of next month.

In this performance, ONF, Everglow, ACE, KARD, MCND, Yubin, Ph-1, San-E, B.O, Kim Se-Hwang, Alexa, etc., will participate in various performances and hope in a pandemic (global pandemic). We plan to deliver a message of support to have San-E and Alexa host in English. The K-Music stage will be performed by legendary guitarists Se-Hwang Kim, Coco, and Jong-Hyung to spread Korean popular music to the world.

Inside and outside the concert hall, 3D audio technology company Digisonic will create a sense of presence with stereophonic sound, and K-pop fans will participate in global marketing by Kreon. Digisonic CEO Kim Ji-heon explained, “If viewers use earphones or headphones, they can listen to real-time 3D spatial audio.

Ho-Seok Ryu, CEO of Bison Contents, said, “K-pop is an icon of a big challenge and start in the global market. do,” he said.

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