The coexistence of Seonbi and K-pop. Welcome, ‘God’ Korea

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The Korea Tourism Organization unveiled the ‘2023-2024 Visit Korea Year logo on the 8th. The font design of ‘Visit Korea Year,’ the English letter of the Visit Korea Year, and the traditional Korean item, Gat, are in harmony.

The Korea Tourism Organization said, “The encounter between Korean traditional objects and restrained, modern design penetrates Korea’s unchanging traditional creativity and modern Korea, the mecca of ‘hip’ that is in the limelight as the center of culture and art.” revealed

Regarding the appearance of Gat, which is widely known worldwide by appearing in music videos of K-pop stars and foreign fashion shows, a tourism official said, “It is an item that symbolizes the beauty of Korean tradition that transcends the times.” It means an invitation,” he added.

This Visit Korea Year is the first event to be resumed in five years following the 2016-2018 Visit Korea Year.

The Korea Tourism Organization and the Visit Korea Committee plan to earnestly promote their visit to Korea, starting with releasing their logo.

A unique website and an official promotional video for Visit Korea will also be released. It plans to expand the demand base by providing Korean wave content such as K-pop and K-drama to local lifestyle information such as art, fashion, and architectural space.

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