‘Girls Planet 999’ Ezaki Hikaru in Japan’s ‘Boombaya’ wins first place in Planet Search.

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In the 2nd episode of Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War’ (in the future ‘Girls Planet 999’), a large number of contestants with both skills and charm appeared, and 33 Cells, consisting of 3 girls, one girl from each culture It was completed, signaling the start of the first mission.

CLC member Choi Yoo-jin, who received everyone’s expectations, performed a solo stage. After debuting in 2015, he continued to be active until 2020, but when he could not continue his group activities anymore, Choi Yoo-jin said, “I want to show various charms.”

Choi Yoo-jin, who decorated the stage with Hyuna’s ‘Bubble Pop!’, captivated the participants and the master corps with her plump charm and clean setting without frills. Choi Yu-jin, who received the masters’ all-passes, shed tears.

Kim Do-ah, who debuted as a member of the girl group Fanatics after appearing on ‘Produce 48’, and K-Group’s unit composed of participants with a debut history, appeared. Other participants in K-group, Na-Yeon Lee and G.I. in the C group, are also members of the girl group Fanatics. As for why she challenged ‘Girls Planet 999’ even though she was active as a fanatic, Doah Kim said, “It was complicated because of the pressure. In reality, Girl’s Planet seems to be the last chance.” In the tears of Kim Do-ah, Panatics member Na-Yeon and Kim Bo-ra, Shim Seung-eun, and Yoo Da-Yeon, who had debuted in the K group, also showed tears.

Kim Hye-rim, who belongs to this unit, also debuted as a girl group Lime Soda after winning the runner-up in ‘K-POP Star.’ Red Velvet’s Seulgi, GFRIEND’s SinB, Chungha, and (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon performed ‘Wow Thing’ with applause on the stage, and all four unit members were selected as TOP9 nominees. Master Jang Joo-hee said, “Participants who have debuted have no choice but to raise the evaluation standards.

Competence who can’t be superior or inferior. Planet TOP9 candidates

The stage of the vocal group to which Reina Kubo belonged, who took 5th place in the individual rankings in the J group, was performed. Kubo Reina, who started dancing at the age of 2 and started singing at the age of 10, became a hot topic within the J group for her outstanding vocal skills. After the unit stage that selected Mamamoo’s ‘Gogobebe’ was over, the masters gave great praise, and for the first time in the J group, all 4 unit members were selected as TOP9 candidates.

Yoruichi, who took second place in the individual evaluation of Group C, was praised among the participants of Group C for being kind, versatile, and perfect. Yoruichi appeared confident and decorated the stage with Chungha’s ‘Snapping.’ When the set was over, applause and cheers continued unabated, followed by praise from the masters. Ezaki Hikaru and Kang Ye-seo, who watched Suruichi’s stage, expressed their desire to do the same cell.

Shim Seung-eun, who performed a solo stage with Gain’s ‘Paradise Lost,’ showed unwavering singing ability despite intense choreography. . In addition, the duets of the K group, Bo-ra Kim and Ji-Yoon Jung, were praised for being good in both vocals and dance.

Who is the TOP9 who received priority for cell recombination?

After the stage of 32 planet search battles, the TOP9 selected by the master corps was revealed. The master corps shares the TOP9 selection criteria that prioritize cell combinations such as charm, skill, leadership, and development speed, starting with Planet TOP9. We expected a new cell configuration that could maximize advantages and complement each other.

In 9th place, Ayana Kuwahara, the youngest member of the J group, was praised for her energy. In 8th place, Chaibing of C group, who showed an attractive appearance, Yujin Choi of K group, who delivered a solo but stage dominance, and Youngeun Seo of K group, who perfectly digested NCT’s ‘hero’ were selected in 6th place. The main character in 5th place was Jiyoon Ji of K group, who showed an explosive stage, 4th place was Suruichi of C group, which masters highly praised, 3rd place was Xiaoting Shen, who took 1st place in C group individual ranking, and 2nd place was powerful dance. And Kang Ye-seo of the K group, who showed good stage manners, were selected. In the last place, Hikaru Ezaki of J Group, who led a strong impact, was set.

Finally, the first ‘Connect Mission’ revealed

With the 33 cells finally completed, the 99 girls who entered the planet camp (accommodation) met their first mission. The first mission is ‘Connect Mission,’ meaning that 99 girls will be connected through K-POP. Three cells per song, nine people must form a team to decorate the stage. Two groups can choose one song with permission, and teams that select the exact song must compete against each other. The winning team will be given a vast benefit directly related to survival that will double the number of votes cast 24 hours before the first global voting close.

However, in a boy group mission team in which three teams must face-off, the number of votes is tripled. In addition, the best team among the five winning teams will be given a chance to perform in ‘M Countdown.’ After the first mission, the number of cells eliminated from the survivor announcement ceremony is 16, and 48 will be destroyed. Of the 48 who have been eliminated, one of the girls from each group is selected through consultation with the masters, and the last chance of survival is given.

And seven missions were released. The four songs with double the number of votes is BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That,’ a hip-hop song with a charismatic sound, I.Z.*ONE’s ‘FIESTA,’ a future house-style song, Oh My Girl’s ‘The Fifth Season’ and TWICE’s ‘YES or YES. Mission songs with triple the number of votes are EXO’s ‘The Eve,’ BTS’ ‘MIC Drop,’

Meanwhile, this week’s broadcast started the first global voting. Voting can be participated once a day on the Universe App, the official platform of ‘Girls Planet 999’, and is conducted through cell voting and individual voting for TOP9 selection. The first global voting closes on August 28th at 10 am.

‘Girls Planet 999’ has captivated global K-Pop fans since its first broadcast and ranked first in discussion. ‘Girls Planet 999’, which has formed a fandom since its first broadcast, is broadcast every Friday at 8:20 pm on Mnet.

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