BTS V, first-half circle chart, highest record for idol solo

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BTS V boasted the most vital music power by recording the highest performance as a male idol solo on ‘The CIRCLE CHART’ in the first half of 2022.

V’s ‘Christmas Tree’ was ranked 20th in the first half of the Circle Chart’s ‘Global K-pop Chart.’

This proved to be the best record for male idol solo and the best form for OST, proving the modifier of ‘Trusted and Listening OST King’ and also lit up his strong presence as a solo artist.

The ‘Circle Chart’ is a newly reorganized music chart in the way that the Gaon Chart of the Korea Music Contents Association collects and aggregates K-pop data worldwide.

V’s ‘Christmas Tree’ scored 158.21 million points in the first half of the ‘Digital Chart’, which counts streaming, download, and BGM sales by weighting them, achieving the best performance as a male idol solo.

After being released on Christmas Eve in 2021, ‘Christmas Tree,’ the OST for the drama ‘That Year,’ was released in just 30 hours, proving its extraordinary popularity by ranking second in the Gaon Chart download chart for the 52nd week.

In January 2022, he received a lot of love by recording No.3 on the Bel Chart, No.3 on the Ring Chart, and No.4 on the download chart. In December, he was recognized for his ability as a solo artist by placing his name in the top 10 in the ‘Monthly Artist of the Year category.

On Melon, the largest music platform in Korea, after the reorganization of Melon in 2020, he became the first male idol solo to win the ‘Melon Weekly Popularity Award 4 times. This is even more meaningful because it is a result that can only be achieved if a vote supports the music performance that reflects the popularity and the intense core fandom.

Various achievements of ‘Christmas Tree’ were achieved after ‘Sweet Night,’ a self-composed song by V, and the OST of the drama ‘Itaewon Class,’ achieved success on domestic and foreign sound source platforms, properly proving the formula of ‘OST + V = success.’

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