‘Simply K-Pop’ Nature, tempting nine-tailed foxes to get rid of Monday sickness ‘LIMBO!’

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Nature’s girl group showed a strong presence with an addictive stage to fight Monday sickness.

Nature appeared on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop,’ aired on the 14th, and performed the title song ‘LIMBO! (Come over)’ the stage was presented.

Nature showed a sexy yet girl-crush mood with makeup reminiscent of a nine-tailed fox. Nature, who captivated K-pop fans at once with the vivid nine-tailed fox concept, announced their comeback with a high-quality stage.

Nature is ‘LIMBO! Like the name of the song ‘(Come over),’ they performed a variety of performances that made you fall in love with its charm. However, from the point of choreography that passes through the limbo by leaning back, the version of moving the head to two sides and turning it as if running caused a strong addiction.

Nature released their third mini-album, ‘NATURE WORLD: CODE W,’ on the 6th and returned after ten months after the unique album ‘RICA RICA.’ Nature, who proved their limitless concept digestibility through ‘RICA RICA,’ produced another impactful song and drew attention.

The title song is ‘LIMBO! (Come Over)’ is a song that expresses the process of falling in love as a risky limbo game.

‘LIMBO! After making a comeback with ‘(Come over),’ Nature plans to continue meeting with fans through various music shows and content.

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