‘2021 Hallyu Living Culture Hanmadang Mokoji Republic of Korea’ completed.

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The ‘2021 Hallyu Life Culture Hanmadang Mokoji Republic of Korea (after this referred to as Mokoji Korea)’, promoted by the Korea International Cultural Exchange Agency (Director Gil-Hwa Jeong, hereafter referred to as the Promotion Agency) together with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee), was held on the 14th, with 5.5 million people from 147 countries participating and successfully finished.

‘Mokoji Korea’ is a project promoted to expand the base of Hallyu into Korean lifestyles such as Korean food, beauty, fashion, and Taekwondo based on the popular culture of Korea, which is popular abroad. In line with the purpose of the ‘Korean lifestyle playground,’ this year, a total of 9 famous K-pop singers, including Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, MONSTA X, and The Boyz, became daily evangelists to promote our culture and actively communicate with fans around the world. It has contributed to enhancing the positive ripple effect of Hallyu through high-quality content that combines Hallyu and lifestyle.

This year’s ‘Mokoji Korea’ made various attempts to spread new Hallyu content based on Korea’s excellent living culture. To respond to the situation where it is difficult to go abroad due to Corona 19, we are making efforts to increase the accessibility of foreigners by producing content suitable for non-face-to-face media such as web dramas and webtoons, and providing them in various languages, as well as promoting mutual cultural exchange. Beyond simply promoting Korean culture, K-pop singers directly learn and experience the host country’s culture, leaving meaningful moments for local fans.

In particular, in ‘Mokoji Live’ held on the 14th, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun appeared in real-time and showed the world’s popular Korean alley game through ‘Squid Game,’ and learned from local fans an Indonesian game similar to Korea. It created a friendly atmosphere for Korean life and culture.

With the success of ‘Mokkoji Korea,’ which visited six countries as guest countries, Hallyu fans have already been invited by Korean Wave fans over the selection of next year’s guest countries, following Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and the Philippines in 2020, and Russia, India, and Indonesia in 2021. expectations are raised

Choi Yu-ri, head of the exchange project team at the Promotion Agency, said, “Through ‘Mokoji Korea’ for the past two years, we have been able to rediscover the value of Korean living culture as a driving force for a new Hallyu wave. We will create a place to gather, experience, and share.”

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