Yukika Teramoto Lok releases a fresh collaboration track!

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Completion of music in a style that is not easily found in K-pop

KSP News Celebrity Reporter Kim Da-young City-pop artist Yukika, who is loved for her emotional vocals. EDM DJ/producer Pat Lok, who is popular for her rhythmic music, has released the collaboration sound source ‘The Moment’ done.

‘Gradient (The Moment)’ is a disco-based pop with the R&B/Soul atmosphere of the ’70s and ’80s, and it’s easy to find in K-Pop as it’s a song by two completely different artists: city pop and disco. A style of music that was not there was completed.

City pop artist Yukika has established herself as a representative of the city pop genre by continuing her regular activities such as ‘NEON’ and ‘Seoul Woman.’

In particular, this collaboration is even more special as it is a spin-off that follows the worldview of Yukika’s first mini-album [timeabout,] released in April.

Yukika, in the last album’s worldview, asked herself if she could be happy, but in this single, she tells the story of how dark and difficult life is gradually colored with a bright future and hope.

In addition, Yukika drew attention by appearing directly in the mood film. The mood film, where you can see the various charms of Yukika, such as the 7080 generation idol mood and the Z generation retro sensibility, can be viewed on the official CONNECTED YouTube channel.

EDM DJ/Producer Pat Lok also challenged a completely different genre and presented a clean and straightforward melody. Pat Lok, who debuted in 2017 with an explosive response, is expanding his musical boundaries through collaborations with various artists.

In particular, in this collaboration, Lemon, who works with popular idols such as NCT and MONSTA X, also participated in writing lyrics and composing, expressing a hopeful heart that overcomes anxiety and a soft and sophisticated melody. He captivated people with his songs.

CONNECTED, who led this collaboration, is a label brand of UC MANAGEMENT, which releases collaboration tracks of domestic and foreign artists, and has the motif of a modern version of the Silk Road connecting East and West.

Yukika and Pat Lok’s collaboration song ‘The Moment’ was released today on July 1st and can be enjoyed on streaming platforms worldwide, including Melon, Genie, Bugs, Japan, China, and Europe. Can do.

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