Netflix official Twitter announced: Live-action version “Cowboy Bebop” Yoko Kanno participated & delivered this fall!

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The delivery time of the Netflix live-action series ” Cowboy Bebop ” will be decided this fall. At the same time, it was announced that Yoko Kanno will be in charge of the music. The original “Cowboy Bebop” is an original animation by Sunrise. Set in the solar system of the future, a bounty hunter (commonly known as a cowboy) flies around the universe in pursuit of a criminal who has won a prize and his unique friends often encounter a crisis situation with a large number of damages. It is a work that depicts saving the world while overcoming. On June 9, 2021, Netflix official Twitter announced that the “Cowboy Bebop” Netflix live-action series is scheduled to be delivered in the fall. And with the comment that “Cowboy Bebop without Yoko Kanno is impossible”, she revealed the decision to participate in Yoko Kanno, who was in charge of music in the original animation. In response to this, on Twitter, “It was good! It was really good!” “It’s great! I’m looking forward to the delivery !!” “I was worried for a long time. I’m glad …” “Yeaaaaah” and so on. A message has arrived from Cowboy Bebop fans. The “Cowboy Bebop” Netflix live-action series will be available in the fall.

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