‘Knives Out’ fictional mansion appears on US real estate site.

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The mansion in the second mystery movie ” Knives Out Glass Onion, “in which Daniel Craig plays the detective again, has been attracting attention by appearing on the US real estate search site Zillow.

A sequel to ” Knives Out: The Secret of the Detective and the Blade House, “a group mystery in which the great detective Benoit Blanc, played by Craig, challenges a new murder case. The stage of this time is a mansion on a solitary island in Greece owned by millionaire Miles ( Edward Norton ), and friends invited by Miles are involved in a murder case. At the center of the mansion is a dome that resembles a glass onion, as the title suggests.

The mansion has recently been listed as it is on the US real estate search site Zillow and is attracting attention. The mansion on a remote island in the Aegean Sea has 17 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, and an asking price of $450 million.

However, this mansion is fictitious and does not exist. A closer look at the page reveals that it is an advertisement for Netflix, which delivers it. ” Knives Out Glass Onion ” will be available worldwide on Netflix from December 23rd.

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