IVE shared the’ Love Dive’ talk in ‘Melon Spotlight’ content

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Kakao Entertainment’s music platform Melon of the group I’ve appeared in the original content of the online and offline lighting service ‘Melon Spotlight’.

‘Melon Spotlight’ is a service to widely publicize artists and new albums to the public by transmitting various exposure accounts in the Melon app and large LED screens at Samsung Station K-POP Square. Ive, who made a comeback after four months of debut last year, released their second single album, ‘LOVE DIVE’ and presented various original contents through ‘Melon Spotlight’.

First, the first episode of Melon Station’s ‘Today’s Music’ Ive will be released on the 5th, followed by the 2nd episode at 6 pm on the 8th. In episode 1 of ‘Today’s Music’, I’ve members put in a lot of effort as it was their first comeback after their debut, and they are happy to meet their fans again after four months.

In addition, the second single album title song ‘Love Dive’ introduced the colourful charms and appreciation points of this song, saying that each member’s part is full of a sense of reversal and Ive’s colour. Wonyoung also told the back story that it was the title song with confidence, which he loved immensely when he first heard ‘Love Dive’. The six members, including leader Eugene, Gaeul, Lay, Wonyoung, Liz, and Yiseo, added loveliness with their fresh, honest and pure appearance as they were their first appearances.

In particular, the cuteness and silliness stood out in the part where the members honestly talked about what they were deeply into these days. As the title of the song ‘Dive in Love’, the members asked each other about what they are obsessed with these days. Eugene cites ‘Chicken Breast’, Autumn’s ‘Animal Friends Game’, and Wonyoung’s Soymilk’.

From 6 pm on the 6th, you can enjoy the ‘Kill Point’ performance of ‘Love Dive’ presented by Ive, who appeared in 1theK original ‘1theKILLPO’, through ‘Melon Spotlight’ with gorgeous visual beauty.

In addition, a playlist carefully selected by each member in line with the theme of the ‘Ask for anything’ video, which shows how each member of I’ve answers questions received from fans in advance, and ‘Make DIVE possible in rhythm with IVE’ The introduction video of ‘What Artists Hear’ has been released exclusively from the 5th.

The event-related to Ive of ‘Melon Spotlight’ is also being held until the 11th. After completing all three missions, including making a fan with I’ve, listening to all songs from the ‘Love Dive’ album, and leaving a review for ‘Love Dive’, my signed CD will be given to 5 people through a lottery.

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