A Japanese man travelled 6 months to draw “MARRY ME”

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If you search ‘best proposal in the world’ on the web, you will find endless, moving ways and thoughts to make yours an memorable one. Yet, regardless of how much exertion you put into proposing to your girlfriend, neither you nor any other individual on the world can beat Yasushi ‘Yassan’ Takahashi.

In a era when social media and the internet, by and large, wasn’t a huge deal, this Japanese guy accomplished something unimaginable and ruined the odds of having an basic proposition for each person out there. How would you inquire? By spelling ‘Marry Me’ on Google Earth and GPS.

For those wondering whether this is fake or photoshopped, it’s not. The photograph is pretty much as genuine and real as the guy’s feelings for his girlfriend. Hailing from Tokyo Yasushi also known as Yassan acknowledged in 2008 that his girlfriend, Natsuki is the one for him. Presently, when you are so certain, you can’t just pull off an essential ‘ring’ proposition. We surmise he suspected as much as well and the outcome was this madly astonishing GPS art.

Indeed, it also got him into the Guinness World Record for the largest GPS drawing in history. It took Yassan a six months and almost 7000 km to draw ‘Marry Me’ with a heart close to it. In the event that you all didn’t have the foggiest idea, GPS craftsmanship is the place where you make advanced drawings utilizing Google Earth by voyaging utilizing a GPS gadget. Thusly, once the route is uploaded on the app, it starts to shape a artwork.

Google even shared a return of his amazing journey on Twitter, and since then his story has gone viral on social media. You can look at his excursion here, and have confidence, you will be swooning by the end of it.

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