‘Bucchigire!’ Episode 4 Find the source of the sword!

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The original TV anime “Bucchigire!” Which is being broadcast from July 8, 2022 (Friday). Synopsis of the fourth episode, the scene cut has arrived.

“Butchigire! Director Tetsuo Hirakawa will present it, character draft Hiroyuki Takei (masterpiece “SHAMAN KING”), planning and twin engine (masterpiece TV anime “Dororo”), and animation production: Geno Studio (masterpiece TV anime “Golden Kamuy”). Original TV animation. The story tells the story of sinners selected as replacements for Shinsengumi executives struggling to protect the security of Kyoto.

The fourth episode will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from 22:30 on July 29 (Friday).

Click here for the synopsis and scene cuts!

Episode 4 ‘Sagre! Mysterious Sword’

Replacement balls searching for the source of the sword. The first star, Gatarou Bow, visits Gatarou and his familiar orphans to gather information.

‘Episode 4 staff.’

Screenplay: Kenta Ihara / Storyboard: Masahiko Ohkura, Tetsuo Hirakawa / Director: Yasushi Murayama / Animation Director: Daisuke Kata, Shigenori Awai, Masato Nishikawa, Momoko Makiuchi, Chang Juan, Wang Yi, Tamako Miyanishi (Assistant Director), Kenta Takahashi (Assistant Animation Director)

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